Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strength Training vs Cardio %

Dr. Kenneth Cooper featured in Success Magazine June issue.http://www.successmagazine.com/

Today, Cooper serves as chairman of nine health companies under the Cooper Aerobics umbrella, which includes The Cooper Institute, a nonprofit research and education center, 700 employees and revenue totaling $65 million.
The preventive medicine specialist and author of 19 books has long held that changing people’s lifestyles first requires evaluating them and identifying the problems. He has done the same with his business, evaluating the needs of patients and filling what was once a huge, gaping hole in modern medicine.

“We’ve proven that it is cheaper and more effective to maintain good health than to regain it once it’s lost.… If you provide a service that gives people the results they want, they will make it successful for you,” he says.

I have been listening to his approach on the June issue of Success Magazines dvd. One of the things he mentioned that I found interesting about this is that if you, anyone, exercises 30 minutes each day that you will increase your life span by 6 yrs.
He also uses this chart as a ratio of strength training vs cardio per year after age 30. 20yrs and younger would be 90% vs 10%.

30yrs = 80% cardio and 20% strength training

40yrs = 70% cardio and 30% strength training

50yrs = 60% cardio and 40% strength training

I found this interesting because I never really thought about how your muscle mass changes vs how you should adjust your cardio as well. I only taught that you would increase your strength training because it will help with osteoporosis and bone density. Anyway I thought I would share this with you all in light of how I am always saying strength training is good for you, not just for bones but also for calorie burning longer.

Here are my workouts:
5/11 - part 2

30 min incline walk at the park

5/12 P90X - Week 2 Day 2

Workout - Plyo

Mood - Get it done!

Wt - 121

Time of workout - 45 minutes

30 seconds to 1 min each move.

Walking lunges

Jump squats

Air Heismans - my fav

Swing kicks - love these

Turn squats

2 tire heismans - my other fav

Circle runs - I could live without

Squat reach jump - love these

Squat switch pick ups

Jump knee tucks

Mary Katherns

Leap frog squats

Twist combo

Skis - right, center, left, center

All around jumps

Rocks star hops

Gap Jumps

Squat Jumps

Military Marches - these work!

Its a tough one, especially on my knees. I did have my wraps on and did modify most of the moves by not going as deep or jumping as high.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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