Thursday, May 7, 2009

Single Leg Wall Squats Day 5 P90X

I could not even tell you how tough this is to hold for 10 seconds...feel the burn! Actually the leg is kept straight out on this move, not bend under so its even tougher! I wanted to find a girl picture doing this, however they were all using a ball and I did these without one just as this photo is. Dang that 1 minute was LONG! If you have not tried these, give it a whirl and challenge yourself.
Today was day 5 of P90X and I got in 1 full set, I will finish it tonight. This is tough on my knees so the break in the workout will be good. Hopefully by next time around I will be able to complete these all in one session. My other tough move was the chair lunges, that takes good balance and to be far enough away from the chair that your knee does not go over the foot and strain the knee, so form is crucial on this move. Next move I would like to say I really enjoyed doing was the single leg dead lifts.
I did that move with 5lb weights and since I have been doing this one with my trainer I really got into it. Again, I don't have a pull up bar so I am doing resistance bands and so far my shoulder is feeling good. I did notice some discomfort on the close grip ones so I did not do those as "tight" as I would have normally.
5/7 Workout - P90X Day 5
Back & Legs
Mood - Bring it! Wt - 121 (carbs last night!)
Time of workout - 40 min (1 full set)
This workout is tough, and I used 5lb weights on all and a resistance band not a pull up bar for the pull up sets.
1 set of each as reps listed: 15 (each leg)
Chair lunge 20
Squat with a calve lift 20
Pull up 20
Skater lunges 1 min
Wall squats 20
Wide pull ups 15 (each leg)
Step back lunges 24
Side lunges 20
Close grip pull up 1 min (10 sec each leg)
Single leg wall squats 20
Single leg dead lifts (I did 5lbs with these since I have been doing this with my trainer Karen Finch
I did not go back and finish Yoga, I am going to move that to the weekend where I can devote the hour and a half length that it is. Yesterday at the park I did 20 minute incline walk, it was very nice out cool and cloudy.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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