Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 2 Day 1 P90X

So much cake, so bad T.
I hope everyone had a great workout weekend and Mothers day, I did and I am still tired are you? I travel 140 miles each way, and that trip seems to get longer each time I take it. I went over cals at mom's on Saturday darn cake.... but I stayed in range on Sunday. I came in at 1779 cals which was 479 over (OMG) and 75g of fat, 30g over and 190 carbs, 40g over. So you can see, I made a counter productive week out of a bad weekend. I did pack my protein and tried to get my meals in every 2 hours. What I am going to focus on is that I got in my workouts all weekends. My session at the gym on Saturday and a run on Sunday with some plyo jumps.
This morning I got up and did my P90X and went up 5lb on my dumbbells and I felt it. This program is tough! I plan on a walk of inclines at the park today.
Here is my workouts:
5/9 Workout - Cardio and Core
Mood - GREAT
Wt - 119
Cals burned = 315
Time in gym - 1 hour
30 Minutes stair climber straight cardio
3x1 Minute over head jogs
3 cross jab sessions
15 Min's incline 15 level 4
10 Min's incline 12 level 4
5 Min's incline 20 level 4
15 minutes pilates
30 Min run - 3 miles
50 Jumping jacks
3x20 Plyo Jumps
30 Min vacuuming moms house
P90x Week 2 Day 1
30 Min's P90X Back and chest
20 Min Ab ripper
10lb Dumb bells used 20 push ups per set 25 pull ups resistance band per set I really need to have good choices this week.
Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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  1. way to go on going up 5lb with your weights! you rock T! and dont let the cake get you down, I know you are already working hard to pick up where you left off :)