Tuesday, May 26, 2009

P90X Week 4 Day 2 - Core Synergistics

P90X - Core Synergistics

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to spend time with family and friends. We went to a bbq on Sunday, and it was very nice lots of food, Diane is a very good cook. I got to see my girlfriends twin sister Carol in from Kansas, which I have not seen in about 2 years and her husband Rex. They are twins but not identical, so they don't really look a like. Very productive on the home front, got the kitchen spring cleaned, the grass cut and laundry done. I have decided with the short week for me only being 3 work days that I would skip food shopping this week. I will be having ear surgery on Friday I have enough chicken and oats to last the week. Today I added some honey in my oats, since I did not buy any fruit. That means I will only get in 1 veggie each day, and sandwiches this week...higher carbs.
Going to the chiropractor on Wednesday, and that will make laying in bed for recovery much nicer on Friday. I worked on my bible study story scrapbook last night and when I get that completed tonight, I will post some pictures by next week on that. Took a trip to Sports Authority and got a new Nike workout top, and a white skort. I did not find the yoga pants or block I wanted, I went near closing time so I will go back maybe this week for that toy. All in all, I had some great workouts over the weekend. I did not complete that darn yoga workout for the full time, I can't get passed an hour but I will keep trying.
Has anyone completed that fully?
I keep wondering how many calories in the average these workouts burn. I guess I need to contact BeachBody to find out. I had to modify the boat rolls too, I am not that strong.
This week I am on "recovery" week.
Here is my workout:
P90X Week 4 day 2- Core Synergistics
Wt - 120.5
Mood - Bring it!
Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals = ?
Stacked foot pushups - 15
Banana Roll Boats - 24
Leaning Crescent Lunge - 24
Squat run w/3lb DB 1 Min
Sphinx pushups - 10
Boats - 15
Low lateral skaters - 30
Lunge reach w/3lb DB - 30
Prison pushups to max - 8
Side hip raise - 12
Squat X Press w/3lb DB - 30
Plank tatarunga runs - 10 sec switch 1 min
Walking pushups - 20
Off to get the Rockstar Body........


  1. It took me almost 1/2 through phase 2 to FINALLY be able to make it through yoga x all the way. And even then it was tough. Hang in there, your doing great!

  2. what is our nutrition for week 4