Thursday, May 21, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 4 - Yoga & Ab Ripper

T's next toy = Yoga block
Today's Workout P90X Yoga & Ab Ripper.
Now I think after looking at my blog pic yesterday that is Draya's back, and I have a LONG way to go to look like that......but I am steady at it.

Today's workout 2 parts, making up for yesterdays Ab Ripper I did not get in last night because of a nice surprise by D. I was going to come home and do it which it takes 20 minutes then eat and head to bible study.

I will do a run tonight since I plan on errands at lunch, its time for my car licence plates to be renewed. That way I will have some cardio today, but I will miss my walk at lunch. I like it because I sit all day at the office and like to get up and move, instead I will be standing in line.

Last night was the last night of bible study, and I will miss the girls. It will pick up again in the fall but it was a nice 7 weeks of fellowship that I will charish. I have only been going to this church for about 3-4 months so it gave me a chance to really know some of the elders. I gave Pastor Stephanie a thank you card and it brought tears to her eyes. I wanted her to know how much I really enjoyed all of us sharing our stories about our lives, and the bond we formed.


Today's workout- P90X Yoga & Ab Ripper

Mood - focused

Wt - 121

Time of workout = 50 minutes

Cals burned = ?

Yoga - 30 minutes

Downward dog

Warrior 1 & 2

Runners lunge




Sun Salutation


Ab Ripper - 20 minutes

11 moves x 25 each = 349 moves

Last move I only did 20 = 309

This counts on each side, and its the oblique knuckles to floor and my back was bothering me so I stopped.

I think I am getting better at this program, however I am going to get a yoga block. It is the one piece I don't have and I think it would help me since I am not that flexible at all.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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