Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trainer T. Foundation Is Born

Trainer T. Foundation Is Born

I may FINALLY may be getting used to plain oats with apples after all this time. I still like to put in bananas once in a while, or some honey... but for the most part I am getting better with enjoying it. If I chop the apples really small and add extra water to the oats I can get flavor in every bite.

Today I celebrate that I am one month ahead on my wealth building plan and am so happy and blessed about that. As I get older I have to reflect on what my legacy will be and I have decided it will be a foundation for wellness and fitness of kids. For months now I have been thinking that I want to build a foundation based on helping kids get a start in the right direction of fitness, so that is the goal. I have written the mission, goals and vision now I will find a location to start building the horse, fitness and boxing ring ranch on. I will scout the next 2 years on vacations for a place to build on. I am thinking in Arizona or Nevada, it needs to be warm, T. hates the cold. Prices are very good right now, perfect for buying.

I will open an account in July for the "Trainer T. Foundation LLC" with Trainer T. It is going to be a great journey and legacy that I want to complete to open by the year 2012, for my 50th birthday. I loved having my gym for 2 years, but now I want something bigger. It will mean 2 long years of cut backs to reach this, and hard workouts to prove myself but I am on my way to do so. I will outsource a nutritionist and ranch hands for the horses. It will also mean I must become financially free, its going to take hard work! Getting sponsors and the community involved but I am sure I can do this, it is something I want.

I did 5 more of each move on my workout today then I did last week, and I feel good but still mindful of my shoulder. I only did 5lb on the over head for that reason. Still hitting it hard! Here is my workout today. Week 2 day 3 of P90X Classic and its still a tough workout.

5/13 Workout - P90X Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper
Mood - Bring it!
Wt - 120
Time of workout 55 Min's

20 each of these at 10lb first set 5lb second set with 2 sets total:
Alt shoulder press
Bicep in an out curls
2 Arm tricep kick backs

2 sets 20 first set 25 second set:
Deep swimmer bicep
Concentration bicep curls
Chair dips - I did these bent knee

Ab Ripper - 339 moves - 11 moves x 25 each 20 Min's long
V-sit up
V sits with grabs
Crunchy frogs
Wide leg sit ups
Fifer scissors (straight leg scissors)
Hip rock raise
Heals to heaven (stop the ceiling)
Oblique V
Leg climbs
Mason twists (careful these can strain the back)

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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