Tuesday, May 5, 2009

P90X Arms & Shoulders Day 3

Before I get into my workouts I have to vent on the clothes you choose to wear, sorta like the fashion police on "what not to wear". Not trying to hate, or be negative...I'm just saying. I am so sick of everyone NOT taking pride in themselves by how they dress. How can you feel good about yourself America, look at what our fashion is like now. Do you see Asians, Europeans or even the UK dressing like us?


Yet we have poor people in our country that are obese (yes in all other countries poor people are so skinny you can count ribs) and dressing like they don't care about themselves, and young people with all body parts hanging out. Guys with pants so low underwear hang out, cracks showing even tangling up our laws over this petty stuff. What has happened to our dress code in America, the land of opportunity and one of the richest countries?

What's dress go to do with it?

Its your confidence, and like it or NOT its the first chance that someone has to make an impression about you, what your about and who you are. What are you wanting to convey?
You don't have to spend a lot of money to dress nice now with Goodwill and thrift shops, its your confidence that suffers if you don't present yourself well. It sets the tone for the day. How can you feel good or make a good impression of what you are all about if you don't take time to care about yourself? do you think others will respond in a positive manor?
Who doesn't like a sharp dressed man? A man in a uniform? A woman dressed nice?
I see people with kids dressed to the hill, yet they look so un-pulled together. I hear moms say, my kid is a reflection on me...yet look at the mom. Why?

Why America? I'm just saying.....you are worth the time to do the best with what you have, even if its not much you can still feel better by putting on something that makes you feel good about yourself, feel worthy and loved by your creator. YOU have a choice everyday that you wake up alive, what will you do with it, how will you dress?
Dress for success!

This move was a two part move for shoulders, first part bent over and second movement part in an upright sit position.
At first glance you may think this is a back movement, however if you are keeping your form correct it your hitting the back deltoids. I did these with 10lb weights.
I completed day 3 P90X Arms & Shoulders and even completed the bonus round. Much better then I did with the plyometric on day 2, I could only only did that 40 minutes WOW. I used only 5lb on the triceps moves and on the lateral moves I only went 1/2 way up. That seems to be the area that hurts my injury the most. Better safe then sorry.


Workout - P90X arms and shoulders (day3)

Mood - Bring it! (ok that's the motto of this program I did not make that one up some cleaver marketing person did)

Wt - I forgot to weigh in - DAH!

Time - 60 Min's

This is 3 sets of each move I did sets of 10-12 then the last move is 16.I forgot to write this all down so here is my recall of it.
I even did the BONUS round! GO T.
5lb weights on all tris:

3x12 Tri-reverse kickbacks

3x10 chair tri dips

3x12 laying tri- overheads

10lb on all bicep & shoulder moves:

3x12 Bicep curl twists

3x12 twisted bi-with hammer curls

3x12 concentrated bi

3x12 crouching dragon - these are while being bent down between your knees

3x10 over head shoulder press

3x10 T-laterals - I only went 1/2 on the sides because of my injury3x10 bent over dual shoulder flys

Today will be cardio at lunch in the park, feeling GREAT.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.............

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