Friday, May 22, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 5 - Legs & Back

P90X Week 3 Day 5 - Legs & Back
Gymnast & aerialist Dreya Weber spirals down from a great height to work with Tony on some really useful and powerful moves for P90X

Obesity in kids 1963 4% today 20% Time to be pro-active about wellness for kids! My foundation will change these numbers and I am very passionate about this happening. I will keep everyone posted.
Discipline = Proverb: Poverty and failure come to those that are not disciplined.
I really believe this statement and feel that YOU can make a difference in your lifestyle by just being disciplined and doing something everyday towards your goal or your health. All the baby steps and commitment pay off! So don't beat yourself up over it, just be consistant and keep plugging away and you will find yourself in a better place, and A BETTER ME!
It was a nice night out last night and I did get my run in, I could have kept on running however I knew today was leg day and I already have a love/hate relationship with Tony Horton so why push it right? I did feel the strain in my knees but thats ok, I still got in a GREAT workout.
P90X tips: One thing to remember on the squat calve raise move that when you do the squat you have to come up on your heals. If you are doing this program I would say to remember that. On the wall squats, be sure to keep your abs tight against the wall, or you risk straining the back.
Here are my workouts:
4 Mile run = 40 minutes
Official weigh in:
WT - 120
BF% 22.9
BMI% 20.6
Week 3 Day 5
P90X Lean: Back and Legs
I did 30 minutes - *note I did pushups instead of pullups
15 Balance lunge
25 - 5lb Calve raise squats
15 Reg pushups
25 Skaters
90 Sec wall squats
20 Wide pushups
15 Step back lunges
24 Alt side lunges
20 Close arm pushups
1 Min single leg wall squats - switch per 10 sec
20 - 5lb Dead lift squats
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

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  1. I'm a HUGE Dreya Weber fan, she truly is AMAZING. Such a great inspiration. You are rockin P90x girl! I'm so proud of you :)