Thursday, May 14, 2009

P90X Week 2 Day 4 - Yoga

Lisa Whelchel - The bible study program of hers is what I am doing. Here is her site:
Thank you all for your support on my ranch, it means so much to me for this vision to come to life. I also shared this with my bible study last night, it was well received. I had to rush home from work and go to the dentist, which I have a cavity YIKES! It's a small one, but still I have to have a filling in June. I had just enough time after the dentist to eat a peanut butter sandwich (Smart Balance is the brand I used) and head out the door for bible study. Too many carbs yesterday!
Next Wednesday will be our last bible study and I will miss it. This 6 week course is called "My Story" and if you ever watched the 80's show "The facts of life" and knew the character "Blair" the blond girl, she is the one that teaches and co-wrote this program. She has been a Christian for many years, which I did not know about her. Also that she played that role because it was a good Christian role, and now will be speaking at the Woman of Faith convention I will be attending and can't wait. This program is a scrapbook of your own life and your relationship with Jesus, its very self exploring and has helped me grow tremendously.
Today was the yoga training day, P90X week 2 day 4. It is an hour and a half long I completed 30 minutes and may go back to that after work. I like yoga but have to admit this is a very long plan, and kinda would bore me to go that long. I think 1 hour is the most I have ever done! The plan is cardio at lunch, or the licence plate renewal...tough choice! I will let the weather decide, or my mood today. I like a walk at lunch to clear my head and re-energize and motivate me, and I miss it when I don't get to.
Do you do something to energize yourself in the middle of the day?
I reccommend it, it helps your mindset so much.
Here is my workout:
P90X Week 2 Day 4 Phase 1
P90X - Yoga
Mood - Focused
Wt - 120
Time of workout - 35 Min's
I feel really good after doing this, reach out and do something different you may like the challenge too. Each move was about 3 or 4 sets going back to chatarunga and downward facing dog. I did not do a push up coming out of plank, but my shoulder did not bother me at all which is a good thing! Maybe it is getting stronger now, lets hope.
Warrior 1&2
Chair & Chair twist
Triangle & Triangle twist - Triangle is my fav and I may add this pose to my photos.
Runners lunge
Downward facing dog
Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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