Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Gym Today... Uggg

Today is my cardio day and I did not go to the gym. My back was bothering me so I decided not to risk it. I plan on a run at lunch weather permitting. I am still making myself accountable for my workouts and deciding the new workout planned for me will be tough. I will start the strength training program tomorrow. I look forward to a new lower body workout plan, I love the challenge. I plan to blog about that tomorrow once I do it.
Yesterday was just a bad day at work! It bothered me all night, and all I can say is some people just don't have a clue about what they say. (ok I may be guilty too but NOT on purpose, or use power)
Last night I got plenty of rest and am ready to make this week really count. I plan on new photos this weekend and measurements. I did cheat and check just my waist and it is down 1/2" I will do the rest of the stats Saturday morning.
Yesterday I got the rest of the flowers for the church for easter, mixed pansies. They look so cute! I also was able to get tulip bulbs for half price that will bloom next year. They wanted me to use something for the table center pieces that could then be planted around the church. One of the others members is going to get me the pots and then put forsythia sprigs out of the center of these and they should look wonderful. As far as the other project I am to get the silk plants delivered from Pastor Jeremy today or tomorrow for me to put in the new pots for the alter. They won't fit in the MINI. It is 6 ficus and 2 palm plants. I am going to clean them and freshen them and if my cash flow allows to put more in this, I may add some flowers around the base. It will look wonderful for Easter Service we expect a big crowd.
My sister comes in town this Saturday to mom's for the party. She lives in Oklahoma, it will be nice for her to stay a week. I will only get to see her the one day though, but it will be nice. The party and the church projects are all coming together, woo woo!
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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