Monday, March 9, 2009

What's NOT To Love About Vegas?

I am back from the trip to Vegas for the Nutrazon Convention, it was amazing! The only draw back is some of my pictures did not come out.

First off so many fun and exciting things happened, I just have to give some of the details. We are growing like crazy and networking among each other was such a highlight. We all have the same mission and are all very helpful. Some are at different starting points but that's ok, we have our goals and we will stay focused and reach them.

I arrived on the red eye flight on Friday in Vegas at 9.30am, tired but so excited we were on our way to our hotel on a shuttle and of course you see all the limos and high dollar cars its just money every where. We got checked in and our room at the South Point Hotel (which is at the far end of the strip next to Mandalay Bay) it was beautiful with the view of the mountains from the 15th floor just breath taking.

Got unpacked and checked out the hotel, the spa and gamming and then met with others at the convention for breakfast. You know this place never sleeps so its odd to see people drinking beer at 9.30am in the morning. After that we had some time to gamble, I played the penny slots. I hit the big jackpot $44 woo woo.

Im not a big gambler but the hotel gave $25 credit so I was ahead and happy. I ended up playing on that same money the whole time, until I lost it on Saturday night. Not bad to break even in Vegas, a big win would have been nice but as long as you come home with no lost money from there you are a winner!

Spent Friday night gambling then off to the Cocktail party reception. That's where I got to wear my wonderful black dress, it was so comfortable. I love it and got so many compliments I really felt great. That's also where I fell for the fondue dipping, I had just fruit the strawberries and bananas and put just 2 tbs of chocolate on my plate for dipping. I would have just dived right in and maybe even had some marshmallows but I had all these voices from my trainer in my head cheering me on.

Saturday got up early and had our convention all day from 8.30am-6pm. It included a very nice lunch, with lots of desserts that I avoided. I had salad and chicken only just like I told my trainer Karen I would stick with, and I did. I packed my protein bars as well, and had one a day to be sure I hit my mark on my macros. Saturday after the convention we had about an hour to rest then it was out to dinner. We had a late dinner at Don Vitto Italian restaurant. I had the Sea bass it was fabulous and in case you are wondering, just water and NO dessert.

This was the last night here, so I decided to go back to the slots to try my luck again. Bye bye winnings, by 11pm I broke even and headed for the room. I had to be out of the hotel to the shuttle at 5.45am so off to bed I headed. I got up at 5am packed grabbed a coffee and my protein bar and headed to the shuttle to the airport for our 7.30 am flight back. Talk about missing some Z's I was zonked along with the entire plane headed back to STL.

By the time I got home and unpacked I was dog tired, and happy to be home. I decided to jump on the scale just to see...woo woo at 120.5 dressed so I was very happy with T.

What's NOT to love about Vegas, nothing its a fun place to visit but like they say I would not want to live there. Its back to the gym tomorrow, I can't wait to hit it hard! Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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