Monday, March 16, 2009

The Love Doctor Is IN

Today I just thought I would spend some time on my past to where I was to where I am now.

I love being a trainer because it makes a HUGE impact in someones life. Just like love, and the blog I wrote prior to this one... it's about love vs hate relationships.

Love is hard sometimes, and comes with hard lessons.

Of course I don't have a degree in love or to tell people about relationship advice, so consider this my disclaimer on the subject. Nuff said.

What I can say is I have been down many wrong paths in relationships. Heck I have been SINGLE FOR 46 YEARS! Need I say more?

I should admit also that I have dated many types of men and each one gave me knowledge about myself and what I wanted in life. I kinda think that is the same with your relationship with fitness. The treadmill breaks my heart!

You have to find what works, and what is good for you.

So having someone in your life that is supportive is extremely important, they can keep you on the right path to success. If I met someone and they did not workout almost everyday or be physically active I knew that I would drift apart. They would think I could help them, however if the mindset to take care of your own body is NOT in you, I am NOT here to put it in you. Desire for that must come from within. You must have the drive.

Once you find your perfect fit, who knows how long it will last?

No one really knows because you are only in control of YOU, yourself you can't control that other persons feeling can you? So you have to choose what works for both of you and compromise and hope the timing is right that everything aligns. The elliptical is my bff, I don't see that changing. One thing I do know is important to me in a man, a relationship or fitness is DRIVE. Without it, goals and a plan... how do you know what you are capable of? How can you change the world, yourself and help others without a plan?

Basically you can't. You will just roam aimlessly shooting arrows like cupid not knowing where to go. Those are the ones I usually ditched right T, run they have NO purpose. You have to have purpose, just like fitness. That's why equipment comes with a manual program or random lol.

I know your thinking what is the goal of this blog T? Get on with it....OK here it is:
1. Be driven
2. Have a purpose
3. Set goals with rewards
4. Stick with relationships that support, and that support YOU

How does this fit with your workout plan?
1. Be driven - get up and do something to change your health everyday, baby steps add up
2. Have a purpose - don't you want to be around for your kids, spouse or loved ones?...just visit a retirement home and you will see what you can avoid!
3. Set goals with rewards - If you don't have something to shoot for, how can you see how you are doing? I mean the stars and the moon are BIG! Your aiming lost everywhere while days and minutes just tick by
4. Stick with relationships that support what your about and you - heck either hang on to my shirt tail or get out of my way! You get one life, so even if you have to face it alone find others like minded they will be there.

If you are in a bad relationship, try to save it if there is love. I am all about the love, however if you can't get the love doctor to help you... work on yourself and be the BEST YOU that you can be. That's how I changed from where I was to where I currently am. Now I realize no more wrong paths for me, I just stay the course with my goals and learn along the way what works for me, maybe you can do the same?

Life is too short, make it count even if love can be hard...YOUR worth it!

Here are my weekend workouts:
Off day - sheesh!

Cardio day
Cals = 350
Stair climber - 30 minutes
10 mins level 12 resistance 4
5 mins level 15 resistance 4
10 mins level 20 resistance 7

Cals = 50
Lower Body Lifts & Core
40 min gym time
Sets 4x10 OMG!
60lb squats
55lb laying glute press
40lb standing glute press
140lb leg press
hyper extensions
standing ab crunch machine

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

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