Thursday, March 12, 2009


" Some mountains are rock at a time."Written in 2009 by Shellie R. Warren


This week I have really been feeling good about my workouts and diet. Now my trainer Karen would disagree on the diet end. Yes, she is the dietitian. I can never eat clean enough in her eyes, but I am getting better. I had some french toast last night with smart balance peanut butter and that was NOT on the plan, however I stayed inside my macros so I am happy about that. She kinda ripped on me about that big time! Carbs for dinner, that's SO not good, I am supposed to finish all carbs by 4pm and dinner was at 6pm. YIKES!
I would not even have had that for dinner, however the pork I had out and planned to eat was not good.
It went to the raccoons, hey they have a better body fat % thanks to me!
I use Smart Balance Natural Peanut Butter and I like it, it even has the omega 3s and flax seed in it. However there is this new one I keep hearing about and may have to order on line. Its not available in St. Louis its called Barney Butter, here is the link.

My diet = my mountain, and I am moving it one rock at a time.
I know if I focus more on my diet, I will get the success I am wanting by July. Its going to be tough, but let me say IS going to happen.
Hard workouts this week = success
Diet stays in macros this week = success

I am focused and even if I have a step back, I will still stay the course and reach the goal. I am consistent. Life is good. Last night I got the rewards all written up for the goals, now just have to assign what goes to each goal as progress to reach success.

I really believe this, do you?

I am on a SUCCESS mission!
Today's workout:
Workout - Lower body & Abs
Mood - Don't stop me NOW!
Wt - 123
Time in gym = 30 Min's
Cals burned = 50

5 Min stair climber warm up
4x10 60lb squats
4x10 140lb leg press
4x10 55lb laying glute press
4x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x10 standing ab machine - these KILL!

I did not get in my stretches or my splits stretch this week, I will go for that tomorrow on cardio day. Todays lunch will be spent at the bank, which is fine because it's for the wealth building fund.

Off to get the Rockstar Body & Rockstar Bank Account...........

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