Monday, March 2, 2009

Failures Are The Pillars Of Success

(If you can’t pike up you can bend your knees and roll the ball in like this, like trainer Kelly T.)

" Failures are the pillars of success. Keep trying again and again; one day the time is bound to come to offer you the fruits of your labor. By the same way, no one should expect the results before time and more than luck. Keep in mind that hard labor is the gateway to success." D.K.

I need this today, I need more hard labor!

Today I should have got up at 6am on my off day, and do my leg workout that I did not get in yesterday because of travel. Did NOT happen. So my plan is to try to get in my lower body workout tomorrow and follow it by a 20 min HIT cardio. That is what I think will get the best results for the week. I won't be able to make up cardio because of the weather and errands that have to be done. I only have a 4 day workout week this week, and I need to pave the gateway to success!

One thing I have noticed is my derrière is looking mighty fine and lifted. This will look delicious in my swim suit and since I have done more leg workouts the last 6 weeks my calves are looking good too. I am thinking maybe this injury set back is a good thing? Next is to get back to my upper body and my prone pikes that I love so much and miss dearly. I may start with just pikes on the ball and bring the legs in rather then a full prone pike which puts more stress on the shoulders and wrists. Just like the picture above, its less advanced then the prone.

I'm off today to get my whey protein to help get that protein number to get up higher, so far I have done well with my other macros so I am not really complaining. Well not until my trainer sees the numbers, then I may have a melt down....yes meltdown! I went to do the food shopping and they had the new skinny cow truffle bar on sale so I got a box and that's one thing that is NOT on my diet. NO skinny cows what so ever! It was a 100 extra cals & sugar that I could have done without. After a stressful weekend of taxes it sure tasted GREAT...I will consider this a failure, a pillar on my way to success.


Off day 3/1 Heavy cleaning 30 minutes, which was really an hour my moms house is HUGE!


Workout - Cardio

Mood - at 6am, groggy but focused!

Wt - 124

Cals = 350

Time at gym 40 Min's

30 Minutes with 4 sprints and inclines of 12-20 resistance 4. No one is at the gym at 6am on a Saturday.....and I know why! But since I was leaving for out of town I had to get this in, like a good girl I did.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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