Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Z's and Your Workout Results

I am missing my Z's today! It was about 2am when I finally got to sleep. I don't do very well training without at least 7.5-8 hrs of sleep a night, last night it was 4. Sleep is a very important part of a good training session and I reccommend getting it in. Everyone has some sort of reason they don't, I just remind them if you want good results your body needs its rest. The stages of sleep are all important components to a good nights sleep.

I had a meet up meeting last night and was very excited about a lot of biz stuff that kept me awake. I had some good contacts and some big people talking to me last night so I am very happy about that. Ivan this man out of town and country has taveled all over and I hope to hear back from him to network with.

Just need to finish up the goal session this week and the rest of things are falling into place, feeling very blessed. Also I got my Kodak Zi6 mini cam and can't wait to start filming fitness training videos this weekend, I am pumped!

I am so much a Rockstar today..that I got up, downed my protein and headed to the gym for my lifts anyway. Not gonna lie, it was hard but I am NOT into excuses right now I am in it for RESULTS.
I also added 10lbs on my squats and I feel great. I wanted to crank out a few more on my last set but I am happy with my results. I even added extra on the reverse standing ab machine, and that thing is TOUGH!

Workout - Lower body lift & core
Mood - Slow start up late
Wt - 124
Cals = 40
Time in gym = 40

3x10 70lb squats - last set 12
3x10 120lb leg press - last set 12
3x10 40lb standing leg press3x10
55lb laying glute press - last set 12
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 standing abs machine - Do I ROCK or what?!
3x25 crunches incline benchTriangle, and splits stretch

Off to get the Rockstar Body and the Rockstar Money........

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