Friday, March 20, 2009

Best Pizza To Break A Diet!

Famous Roma's Pizza in Betholto Illinois

This place is always packed and if you are ever in Beltholto Illinois you MUST try it. It is crowded every night, and the owner and his family are so nice. Its good to see a place that not a "chain" do so well. That was a comment made by a man waiting for a seat near me.

Heck they even mentioned this place on "The Bull" radio station. And its worth a break in your diet for, really shh don't tell other trainers I said that!

I was very good last night, and had mostly salad with very little dressing. By the time I would have got home it would have been almost 8pm so I think I did good eating considering. Yes I could have did better because I went over my macros but I am not going to let that set me back!

Here is my stats this week:

WT 121

BF% 23.9

BMI% 20.8

Yesterday I got in another 20 min walk at lunch, and 50 jumping jacks... I am on a roll. 3/20 Lower body workout Mood - Bring it ON!

Wt 121

Cals - 40

Time in gym 40 Min's

3x10 60lb squats - last set 20

3x10 55lb laying glute press - last set 15

3x10 40lb standing glute press - last set 12

3x10 120lb leg press - last set 20

3x10 hyper extensions - last set 15

3x10 reverse abs standing crunch machine - no extras

Core 50 side oblique 25 pulse alternating reg crunches 25 stop the ceilings 25 v sit crunches Splits & Triangle. Nice job T!

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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