Thursday, March 26, 2009

Run Like The Wind!

Wow I am sore! Tonight I am going for a run as my cardio, since I skipped my cardio session today at the gym.
I am still sore from the added 10lb weight and felt I would do better waiting a bit longer to push my legs so hard. You know when your so sore its hard to sit down without feeling ouch! Heck how mean is 10 extra pounds, FIERCE!
Tonight I will run like the wind, I will get my good music on (jock jams) and hit that pavement just like the Rockstar that I am. If our weather holds at 50's it will be just perfect. You know the type of day that when its just warm enough for no gloves but cool enough you don't really sweat up a storm. I am PUMPED!

Made it to bed early then got a late night call so my sleep was very restless. I started (like most females) going through my list in my head of all the things I need to do when I get up. I hate that!

Here's the kinda things running through my head at 1am......
1.Moms party decorations & cake ordered with a picture ugh.
2.Getting the picture collage of moms life together and copy pictures
3.The church Easter breakfast flowers - which I can't find anywhere!
4.Learning the cam cord for videos - good enough not to waste anyone's time
5.Getting the gym confirmed for the shoot - getting the 2 people that committed to do this there

Sheesh why do I need to even think about this stuff? I have most of it all organized and ready but you know I think its just me or a list thing that I just have to complete before I can rest again!

Does anyone else do this stuff?

Maybe I am just odd like that, but its just that I was super-duper tired from no sleep the night before. Then of course I had to play with the new cam corder instead of going to bed at 8pm like I should have.

Back to the dollar store again today, to get the rest of the table clothes and supplies. I hope they still have the purple (moms fav color) table clothes I saw yesterday. I am doing silver and purple color scheme, she will love it because I am also using silk orchids which is her favorite flower.
Ok, so anyways I have decided that I will do my cardio tonight after work and get that out of the way. I have been pretty good with all my numbers this week and feeling like a champ!

Off to get the Rockstar Body........
and maybe run more then 2 miles who knows what T. will do

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  1. Hey Hun!
    Sorry you aren't getting enough sleep i know that feeling very well. I start thinking about stuff i need to do too, crazy isn't it? lol!

    Enjoy your run.