Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Crazy Is Your Workout?

Do you do crazy stuff during your workout?

I don't like to see people just wondering around in a daze, whats the point?

Today I got another person say how crazy I work out, it just doesn't get any better when someone can see how much I put in. I just tell them thank you and, if you don't make it don't get the results.

I personally am kinda known for being a bit crazy on the cardio machines, and all the others I use different then what they are intended for. That's the advantage of knowing more about fitness, you can modify a machine to work a body part no one ever thinks of. Love it, I love being creative and the ego boost is not bad either.

If your ever at your gym, and you want to work a body part ask a trainer they know many ways to do a move. Even if you need it modified they can guide you.

Stats today since I can't do them Friday:
WT -120.5
BF% 24.1
BMI% 20.7

Here is today's Rockstar workout:
Workout - Cardio & obliques
Mood - Un-stoppable!
Wt - 122.6
Cals - 375
Time at gym 45 Min's

40 minutes cardio ellipticalI did 10 minutes level 12 resistance 4

10 minutes level 15 resistance 4
15 minutes level 20 resistance 7
3 over head arm jogs sprints and 3, 30 second fast and furious sprints 3 cross punch sprints
I usually get about 5000-6000 steps but with the high incline I came in about 4800, not bad!

50 obliques bent leg with hands behind head
50 obliques bent leg with hand reaching for ankles
8 modified prone pikes, still not ready for these ... Pain, pain, pain!

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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