Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking The Belt IN A Notch!

I am starting to get excited!

I have taken in ALL my belts a notch, so that means the mid section is coming off and things are starting to happen. Ever have this feeling? Its pretty darn good huh?
FINALLY I think now my body is responding to some of the changes we made. I am doing the happy dance! Thanks to my trainer Karen, her link is on my favs list. Most of it has been from less carbs and more cardio, my macros are set at
30% carbs
30% fat
40% protein
I am keeping my calorie range a bit lower right now it is at 1100 -1300. On the strength training days I am allowed the high end of the calories, on cardio days the low end. This is what is firing up my fat burning for the core.
Be sure if you try to change your macros that you see how you do every 3-4 weeks, if the body is not responding you may have to change them. I have changed mine 2 times before with NO results.

Still feeling frustrated that even doing a "modified" plank on the ball I can't do my workout due to this shoulder injury. Yes its 8 weeks for this rotater cup disaster and the recovery has been so slow. I decided not to do the elliptical on Thursday...(ugg I loath the stair climber) and give this the 4 days full rest to push me to complete recovery mode. I am missing my upper body training like mad!

I decided to switch this up this week and do 4 sets of 10 instead of 3 sets of 12. This will add 4 to each move and adds intensity. One thing I did not do today was to do my obliques, some one was using the fitness studio so I skipped out. The plan is to do those tomorrow with cardio.

When doing abs and core I find it more productive to do all of the muscles during one session. To hit all areas gives you a better defined midsection and who doesn't want that?

The technical names for the four pairs of muscles are the rectus abdominis (center), external oblique (side wrap), internal oblique (middle side), and the transversus abdominis (below the belly button).

Today's workout would be the transversus, lower area below the belly button and the rectus abdominis the middle section. Both areas got a good workout today and I can already see more definition coming in.

I am making the most of it though....Here is my workout today:


Workout - Lower body & abs

Mood - Bring it ON!

Wt - 124.4

Cals = 40

Time at gym = 45 Min's

5 Min warm up stepper

4x10 60lb squats 4x10

140lb leg press

4x10 40lb standing glute press

4x10 55lb laying glute press

3x10 hyper extensions

50 crunches off the bench

50 reverse crunches stomp the ceiling

3x12 reverse standing crunch machine

Off to get the Rockstar Body.....

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