Friday, March 13, 2009

Love Hate Relationships

LOVE when I workout......HATE when I don't get results!

Here is something that was on my mind today as I got out of bed to hit the gym. Most of you know if I don't have class I get up at 6am and try to be there by 6.15. On class days I get up at 5.30am to get there at 5.50am. I am a morning person and those thoughts just hit me from the moment I get up and get going. I say my gratitude's and then I hit the floor running. Today I though, "love or hate in your relationship with your workout" can make all the difference in the results.

Let me explain, there are 2 components with 2 ways each of which way it can go. Stick with me on this, it will make sense really. You love it so you do it, or you love it so your bored Or you hate it because you do, or you hate it because its hard. A little HATE is a good thing. Well when it comes to fitness that is......

Here is what I mean, I LOVE to workout and have for over 25 years, but when you love something you can't always DIG DOWN DEEP ENOUGH to have the "fire of desire" to get results. When you HATE something too much, you won't or you will actually self sabotage or make an excuse NOT to do it. I feel this is with anything in life, thank goodness I am blessed to love change. But most people resist or get just enough hate in them to make a difference, but then go back to loving their old ways...and end up where they started.

Don't get me wrong you have to have some LOVE or you won't do it, but too much is also not good it can become taken for granted and get boring. I also feel this is a life lesson as well. That's what's so great about fitness, you have to have some love with a sprinkle of HATE to get to the ZONE.

As an example trainers, you hate to love them. Why???

Because they push you to become better, get you out of your comfort zone and do something you are not used to and it can be very, very hard. Feeling the hate! Depending on how good the trainer is, and how much you love to hate them. If you LOVE your trainer, sometimes that becomes a friendship and its not good either because they will usually have more idle time wasted on your dollar. In my opinion you don't want to be friends with your trainer. (This is for IN PERSON trainers only) Yes they need to understand you emotionally but other then that, NOTTA. I see this pitfall in MANY, MANY TRAINERS and in many gyms I have been in. Hey its like lets just take my friends money, who cares about the real results here. Basically being paid to be your shrink so to speak. And I am NOT bashing trainers in anyway, at least the good ones.

Stick with me, I promise this will make sense.

If you use the emotion HATE, like I HATE my muffy top waist I can push myself harder. If I say I love my workouts but do the same thing day after day, I won't really feel the love for my body because it stays the same. Even if your trainer tells you to do something you can flip that hate to a good way or bad. You can say, I hate doing this routine, and stick with the old or say I hate it but that hate will propel me to PROVE TO MY TRAINER AND MYSELF I CAN DO BETTER, I CAN IMPROVE AND SEE RESULTS.

Can you tell people at the gym that can conquer the hate and use it correctly?

Do you use it? You know have a bad day and hit a workout like you never have before? See what I mean? Frustration can fuel hate which works too.

Today's workout was SPOT ON (feeling the hate for flab)
3/13 Workout - Cardio
Wt - 122
Time in gym = 35
Min's Cals = 335

Weekly Stats update:
Wt 120
BF% 24.1
BMI% 20.6

30 Min's elliptical - I could not get stair climber today. Today I decided to do NO sprints on the elliptical, just switch my resistance to be sure my arm is protected. (see Karen I was good)

10 Min's level 12 resistance 4
10 Min's level 15 resistance 4
10 Min's level 20 resistance 7

Love hate relationships.......its a GOOD thing. MISSION POSSIBLE - TRAINER Ts ROCKSTAR BODY!

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

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