Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking Push Ups With Med Balls

I posted this picture of just my upper body so you can see what 8 weeks without upper body workouts looks like. You can tell my back is still pretty good, but very little def on my triceps.

Conan 4x world champion kickboxer

I am so excited today to be back at the gym on my routine. I want to thank all of you that helped me get this and KEEP this Rockstar Body for Vegas. It has been a real motivator knowing I had others counting on me to do good.
Could I have done better?

Yes, I should have brought my workout clothes, and I actually got to meet and collaborate with the Fitness Director of South Point Hotel, Nick Callas. He gave me 2 free passes with him, a $130 value. Unfortunately due to both of our schedules I was not able to do an actual workout with him. Conan the 4 time world Champion Kick boxer did. He told me all about the workout that he did and so did the trainer Nick. INTENSE! INTENSE! INTENSE!

His focus like mine is core training with balls, buso and bands. He enjoys functional training and NEVER uses hand weights at all. Just your own resistance. You should see his body, well all I can say is its amazing. When you use balance you incorporate many areas not just the point of contact.

One of the moves he did was a walking pushup on medicine balls. WOW, as each time you did a push up, you rolled up 1 arm and did another so the arms are angled. Then you walked the other up until they were even again. Thats BOTH HANDS on a medicine ball the whole time, GO Conan!

I can't wait to try this one when I am well, what a challenge, huh?

Are you up for it???

The good news is we are going to keep in contact and I will let you know what new things I find out from Nick, he is a trainer of Las Vegas athletes. I wish I would have got more sleep last night, but I worked on a accountability contract. I am taking things to the next level and commited NOT to get distracted by keeping the mindset FOCUSED on the goals. I am happy about it!

Today's workout:


Workout - Upper body & core

Mood - Lets GO baby!

Wt - 119.5 (see what I mean!)

Time in gym - 30 Rockstar minutes

Cals burned = 45

5 min warm up step climber

4x10 40lb standing glute press

4x10 55lb laying glute press

4x10 60lb squats - yes sticking w/60lb and did last set of 12!

4x10 120lb leg press and 1 set at 140lb

3x10 hyper extension

3x10 standing reverse curl ab machine - last set 12!

2 min stretch

Injury update: I found out that I pulled my rear delt muscle which is the back of the shoulder. I have been told by a chiropractor at the convention to give this 4 MORE FREAKING WEEKS of rest. If I don't I will risk not being able to lift heavy again....so you know I guess I am loving lower body workouts now, right????

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

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