Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addicted To The Elliptical!

Since I am still dealing with this injury for 4 more weeks... I am only doing the stair climber, which to me is a step above the treadmill in BORING. But I will make due, since I am addicted to the elliptical. Its my baby and I love to challenge myself with it, box on it and do my flashdance crazy cardio stuff.

If you going to do cardio I always say to make it count, if your not working it you won't get results. The more you suprise your body the more it will burn the fat, and thats the goal with high cardio.

Here is my workout today:
Workout - Cardio & Core
Mood - Kicking my own a$$
Wt - 123
Time in gym - 40 min
Cals burned = 325

30 Minutes straight cardio on stair climber.
4 sprints on level 12 resistance 4 and 4 sprints level 15 resistance 4
15 Min's each level
5 min warm up/cool down combo
5 min Core

50 oblique knees bent with opposite hand straight out to side - on these I keep one hand straight out to my side on the floor on finger tips, most people do this with a straight arm reaching for the leg. I feel like you cheat more that way, with the arm beside you, its all oblique work. Oh yeah!
50 oblique bent knee lifts laying on my side - I do this with hands behind my head similar to a regular crunch. This one feels good if you can keep a slow controled move or even a pulse up too.

I am switching my days this week and rotation of sets. I am doing 4x10 on sets instead of 3x10 and on cardio, I am switching days. Next week I will return to the other rotation. Keeping it mixed up.

This week:
M - off
T - Lower body ST 4x0
W - Cardio
Th - Lower body ST 4x10
F - Cardio
S - Lower body ST 4x10
Su - Cardio

Next week:
M - off
T - Cardio
W - Lower body ST 3x10
Th - Cardio
F - Lower body ST 3x10
S - Cardio
Su - Lower body ST 3x10

On all of last sets on the 3x10 sets, I will max out the last set of reps.

Off to get the Rockstar Body............

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  1. Hey T!!
    Awesome workouts again, keep it up Rockstar!