Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Squat Machine I love to HATE!

This is the lower body squat machine I love to hate!
I do 60lbs on this puppy and going to 70lb this week and it works!
Today was a cardio day and I love getting a great session in, it just starts the day off right. I kicked 350 calories to the curb. Tomorrow I go to my lower body workout and will be doing my squats first to get them out of the way. This machine is one I love to hate, love it because it works, hate it because its TOUGH!
This morning I saw one of my friends and she said, T why are these alternating arm planks so hard you told me to do? I said because they WORK! I find that anytime something works its tough, yes it kicks your behind right into shape. You have to love the results but no one said its easy to get there. Its NOT!
One of the things with those type of moves or the one that is Shape this month is a lateral pushup. You really use you shoulders in both of these moves, and if you are weak you will feel it.
How do you do a lateral pushup?
Do a pushup with arms inside mat length apart then extend the right arm out 6" and pushup again and then walk the other arm over to be same as the starting point and pushup. Then repeat by putting the left arm 6" and travel left to repeat the lateral movement.
How do you do an alternating arm planks? Start in straight arm plank, then lower right arm down to elbow position, then the left down to elbow position then lift opposite back up to straight arm plank and repeat. NICE!
Workout - Cardio day
Mood - Buh bye muffin top!
Wt - 124
Cals = 350
Time in gym = 40 Min's
15 Min's level 15 resistance 4 - 3 over head jogs sprints & 3 boxing sprints
10 Min's level 20 resistance 7
5 Min's level 12 resistance 4 - 1 one minute sprint
This blubber has got to go, bikini time is right around the corner and I am hitting it FIERCE!
Off to get the Rockstar Body........


  1. Hey T!
    Fantastic workout like always, keep it up girl. You'll be rocking that little bikini.

    Love ya Jas

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