Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Eats In Illinois!

Springfield Illinois a 1800's mansion turned resturant. Best place to get some GREAT eats!

Ok I have to say that this place was one of the best kept secrets to have dinner that I have ever been at. I was there over the weekend, and would highly recommend it. We were lucky to get there early and had no idea how packed this place gets. Since we were there early with all the older *cough, cough crowd we got to enjoy a savings of about $20. As if that was not wonderful enough, the staff very nice and attentive and the salad dressing home made was so good I bought some to take home!

It is a honey mustard so hopefully its not as fattening as some others but the taste is incredible! So far I have had it on salad, ground beef and tonight chicken. Don't worry I am only using 1 tbs, but its so packed with flavor you only need a smidge. That's the country in me, smidge lol. I had salmon with raspberry glaze very good and also had the shrimp appetizer, with crab and yes... a dessert creme bruele cheesecake. Need I say more? I never even knew thay could make a cheesecake out of this, two of my favorite things in life!

My workouts this weekend were very good. Here is how I panned out with my stats and workouts. So if your thinking I was out and about and not sticking with the plan.....THINK AGAIN! (Ok not so good on the dessert) I am on a mission.....mission possible ROCKSTAR

Weekly Stats: 119.5
BF% 23.7 - down .2
BMI% 20.5 - down .3
1/2" off waist - full measures this weekend

3/27 Workout - Cardio Mood - Killer!
Wt 119.5 - can you believe it???
Cals = 400 - KICKED TO THE CURB!
Time in gym - 45
Stair climber
20 min level 20 resistance 4-7 15 Min's level 14 resistance 4 - 6 sprints boxing and over head climbs 5 Min's level 10 resistance 4

3/28 Workout - Legs, Core
Mood - Gonna get it!
Wt - 122.4
Cals = 30
Time in gym = 60

3x10 70lb squats last set 15
3x10 55lb laying glute press - last set 12
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 reverse ab machine
25 v-sit crunches off the bench
30 minutes of pilates - woo woo

3/29 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Bring it on!
Wt - 123
Cals - 315
Time in gym - 40 Min's

Stair Climber
15 Min's level 15 resistance 4 - alternating 2 min boxing & arm overhead jogs 15 Min's level 20 resistance 7 - 1 sprint 5 Min warm up new machine with glute buster Plus house & car cleaning 30 Mins!

3/30 Off day!

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

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