Friday, February 27, 2009

Determination To Sell Yourself YOU

Determination to sell!
Did you know everyone has the skill of selling?

Some are better then others, but even at a small age we learn to sell.If your saying.. "what I am not a sales person, or I hate sales people!"Your fooling yourself...and trust me if you have children, they're are already a very good sales person if they get their way a lot. Yes, they find the tools to get the "yes answer". Here is a sales approach from a child when you say "No you can't have that toy" What comes next? cry scream, I love you mommy.. whatever tactics works on you is the one they will use. Result driven.

Same thing when you see a movie or buy anything you really love, you go and sell it to others. Well you don't get the commission but yet you do go and tell someone get this or see that right?How do you know if your good as sales? You get people to do or buy the recommended thing. Simple huh?Everyone should have sales skills, they are like a needed life skill and you can increase them daily. How? By showing value to this person, not to yourself. Will it make their life better in some way? If so and if emotionally it is something that moves them you are sure to make the sale.

I know your thinking Trainer T. where is this all going?

Well sales is results driven, and fitness is sales if you want results.Huh, yeah its sales to yourself everyday. You have to sell yourself on the results you are going to get by putting in the work to get there. Just like a sales person may have to do many things to "close" a sale and get a result you will too.

YOU need to sell yourself on why you want to be fit, then be driven to get results.You need a why (do it) and then the plan of how to close the sale. (I will get up early and go, or I will pencil in a workout at lunch, or I will get a dedicated workout buddy to keep me going).Do your homework and find out why you want to be fit. If its a goal date for a reason then you will achieve that goal and hopefully sell yourself to keep the healthy lifestyle of fitness. Getting started is the hardest but also the most practice your skills of selling on yourself, show the value and close the sale.

2/27Workout - Lower body & abs
Mood - Reved!
Wt 122
BF% 23.9
BMI% 20.9
Gym Time - 45 mins
Cals = 40
5 min stepper warm up

Last sets 15 reps ... oh yeah KILLER!
3x10 60lb leg squats
3x10 140 leg press
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 standing reverse ab machine
50 pilate pulses
Splits stretch

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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