Friday, February 20, 2009

Less is MORE!

Less is MORE!

I think I got in some great workouts the last few weeks, I am feeling tight and making progress. Or so I thought...... I was excited last week to have a drop of 1% body fat and after a pretty good diet week I realize Valentines day did me in. (or Starbucks) I lost 1/2 pound which is good its keeping me steady at lean mass, so for that I am doing the happy dance. The rest of the stats not so much!

2/20 Wt 121.0
Bf% 24.5
bmi 20.8

I just knew I would be down another 1% by the definition I am seeing in abs but not the case. I have kept close to my ranges for the last 2 weeks and will not let this set me back. I have come to get down this yucky diet of plain oatmeal and lower carbs and if I can do this I know I will reach goal by July. Here was the pit fall, not enough chicken for my protein. When I have 1 chicken breast a day I reach my protein goal, if not I usually am too low. Since I am out of whey protein this is totally setting me back, so that is on the list to get next visit to GNC.

Today I had decided to add 10lb on to my leg lifts, squats and leg presses and on the last set crank out 15 reps instead of 10...and I DID! I can't really tell if my glutes are getting bigger or not because I REFUSE to take new pictures or measurements till the end of the month. This gives me one more week to get there, and stay away from any non fat Starbucks drinks and bad food choices. At the last meeting at the Bread Co. I had black coffee, so going forward that's going to be the plan.

2/20 Workout today:
Workout - Lower body & Abs
Mood - Fired Up!
Cals = 55

7 min stepper warm up
3x10 60lb squats - last set 15
3x10 140lb leg press - last set 15
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute
3x15 standing ab machine
3x10 hyperextension
50 crunches off bench
50 reverse crunches

Something really bothered me today with watching others at the gym lift heavy. I see such sloppy form, and want to state that less is more. Why is less more? When it comes to lifting heavy your much better having less reps or weight and doing the movement complete to full range then cheat yourself trying to crank out more, with sloppy form.


Here as an example, you are doing a cable back row. I see this so much, you will see someone actually almost "leaning" too far back to crank out the last few. What does that engage? NOT the back. It starts compromising the move, so that biceps are being used if they lift up just enough they will engage the chest by dropping the shoulders and will not be using the back.

Why don't people stop when this happens? or drop down?

Usually its a few things:
They think they will get bigger faster with heavy
They may think the form is good
They may have an ego
They may not have been taught properly
They may be between weight plates

So let me remind everyone of a great resource. A live trainer or u-tube trainer. If you actually look up a move, pick a very fit person or trainer and watch and then use a mirror and practice. Once you know how you should do it, and get that correct form you will be able to do it correctly with better results. If you are engaging the correct muscles you will see the results exactly as they should be, and you will be amazed. So yes, less is more in this situation.

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

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