Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Straight To The Point

Today's workout was straight to the point.

Ever have a workout day that is just so good, you know it, do it, and move on to starting the day out right? That was my day. After a much needed long nights rest I got up to do my cardio workout.

Workout - Cardio
Time in gym - 40 minutes
Wt. 124.6
Cals burned = 310

5 minutes elliptical warm up followed by
10 minutes on level 12 resistance 4
10 minutes level 15 resistance 4
10 minutes level 20 resistance 4
5 minute cool down

I did 2 sprints on level 12 and 2 sprints level 15 of 1 minute each

I usually do a much more variety when I am doing an HIT cardio then straight cardio like this for a challenge. However if you decide to do a straight cardio I still recommend changing it up, even if you just run manual as I do. I like to keep the control of my workout and heart rate, others like the machine to do it for them.

Am I control freak?

Maybe, OK, YES when it comes to training. Because if not, it factors in many ways to be less effective. And I don't know about other peoples workouts, I only know I like to take full advantage of my time and be as efficient as possible. I am not someone that walks around aimlessly, time is too precious.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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