Monday, February 16, 2009

Fireproof - A Must See Movie

I had a great Valentines weekend, got to have a steak dinner and see a very touching movie called Fireproof.

If you have never seen it, and are in a relationship you should see it REALLY! I cried like crazy it was so moving, and how they change the marriage they have into one that is amazing, is so touching. No dull moments in this movie. I am very glad I got to see it at my church, it is a true eye opener for the mind and spirit.

I think we all have moments when we think we are doing good things but can do so much better. I would see this movie again and if you have seen it let me know your thoughts on it. T gives it a 10!

It takes a fireman's life and gives him a 40 day challenge from his father on how to change his relationship. During this time he goes through some very tough growing pains personally and in his relationship. She the woman that plays his wife also has some major personal growth, and insight on what is really important to her.

One thing I did notice about this movie is how I was affected by similar things in my life, or experiences I have had in the past. I really don't think there is anyone that has not had at some point in life, one of these type of situations that they could see and grow from experiencing this movie.

I even reflected back on my parents relationship in this movie, that is how powerful it is. I can see now some of the things they may have been going through as I was growing up, and I now have more empathy on the situation because of this movie.

So if you want to "Fireproof your relationship" see this movie, I think you will really like it. I did.

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