Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Workouts 2/14-2/15

Today I am still a bit under the weather with the sniffles so I am very happy that it is my off day from the gym. I take 1 day per week to be off from the gym and I use "guilty Monday' for that. I call it that, like most of us gym rats because all the people that ate and drank excessively over the weekend are there.

This week I am going to add back in some upper body workouts now that my shoulder injury is much better, I am EXCITED! And stay focused on diet, since I went over board on Valentines day with a steak and chocolates. Can you believe my fat grams were at 88, that's almost double my allotted amount YIKES!

I had some great workouts though, and I feel like the new diet is working. Here's how my weekend workout breakdown went:

2/16 Off day - thank goodness still have a cold!

2/15 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Sluggish catching a cold
Wt 124.5
Time at gym - 40 mins

30 minutes straight elliptical cardio switch levels 12-20 on resistance 4
5 minute warm up & 5 cool down

2/14 Workout - Lower body
Mood - Happy camper
Wt 124.0
Time at gym - 40 mins

5 min warm up and cool down on stair climber
3x10 60lb squats
3x10 120lb leg press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x10 40lb back extensions

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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