Friday, February 13, 2009

Habits vs Goals

Habits vs Goals:
I wanted to get back with my blog on habits, and how they can effect a goal. Betcha all thought I forgot huh????

Below is the list of some of mine and how I can see that they push me away from my goals. The things that will make the difference of being more successful with myself.

Here are some of my habits;
Working out at least 5 x a week - this helps me reach the fitness goal set

Portion size - gets the body fat burning by not having extra fuel that's wasted and stored

Staying focused getting tasks done - once the workouts are done, that I have set my mind on, I see GREAT results

Eating right on the weekends - if I could achieve this, these 2 days will make a BIG difference in my body fat

Getting in my waters - this will keep the toxins out of my body and keep me energized and hydrated naturally

Weakness of sweets - sugar is not good for my body it loves to store this as cellulite, which is never a good thing

Cusing when I am frustrated - this shows lack of self control

Not thanking people that compliment me - this mindset is an unworthy mindset that is self defeating

Talking instead of listening - you never gain any new knowledge if you are busy doing all the talking.

So there you have it, things I can see where I need to improve, how they effect my takes willpower and time to change a habit but it CAN be done.

How are your habits controlling your goals?

Write them down, think about them, and see if you find some answers that may have been holding you back.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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