Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Habits, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This week the weather has been really nice and I just enjoy the newness of springtime. You know all the birds are up and chirping early and the sun is shining it makes me much more motivated that's for sure. There has been a few stumbling blocks that I am trying to overcome from the weekend diet. I think so far I have been very focused and am not going to let these things creep back in my life for now.

I have to really maintain a strict handle on this with this injury that I have been plagued with. The plan is to go back to lifting upper body next week and I hope my results will be very good. You know how it is when you have time off it seems to take forever to get back in the groove. When you lift heavy that really can be a set back you loose strength very quick and takes longer to regain. Or for me anyway.

Staying in the habit of things is the one thing that can make or break you. Some habits are bad, others are good but either way you look at it you MUST program yourself if you want it to be a permanent change. What are some habits you need to change?

If you make a list of your goals you can usually see the good, bad and the ugly habits that need to change. They are the reason your not reaching the goal.

Just after being an a break for 7 days it was a struggle to get back in my groove, but I did and now I am back in that habit of early bed, early rise. I saw the habit becoming ugly and put a stop to it. Sometimes on the weekend, I have to watch my habits and they really seem to want to sabotage me and its down right ugly. Like for me its to remember to eat, and to eat every 2-3 hours. See I am not sitting in front of a clock and time gets away so I have to be mindful especially if I am cleaning the house.

Here are some of my habits:
Working out at least 5 x a week - good
Portion size - good
Staying focused getting tasks done - good

Eating right on the weekends - bad
Getting in my waters - bad
Weakness of sweets - bad

Cusing when I am frustrated - ugly
Not thanking people that compliment me - ugly
Talking instead of listening - ugly (really ugly!)

So there you have it, things I can see where I need to improve. How they effect my goals....that's saved for another blog. But you get the picture and I hope you don't have as many "Ugly" habits as me and remember it takes willpower and time to change a habit.

Here is my workout today, we were up early like the birds and ready to go... woo woo!

Workout: Cardio
Mood: Coming back strong
Cals burned = 310
30 min elliptical - 4 sprints
2x10 25lb back extension
2x10 hyper extension
50 bicycle crunches off a bench

It's a good day, I am feeling much stronger. I had to stop with the left arm on the handles for a bit on the elliptical, but my recovery IS coming FINALLY! Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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