Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Split And Mixed Set Workouts

I miss my upper body workouts!
You know how they say you don't know how bad you miss something until its gone?
Well that's me on upper body weight lifting.
I can't wait until this shoulder injury is completely healed.
I love the feel of push ups, planks, prone pikes and bench presses.
These make me feel like a strong woman and I miss that feeling. For now I will still concentrate on lower body, cardio and core until I am fully recovered.
As a trainer I rotate my body parts in order to be sure all areas are worked and lately I can't do that so its been difficult mentally. Some people do split days, others do rotations or full body. I personally find it easy for me to choose full body on the weekends since I have more time and I take Mondays off. I do upper/lower splits for the rest of the week.
What that means is you do a split you may just do all back and chest, next workout biceps and tris then your next workout legs, glutes,calves, next workout lats, shoulders and core/abs. I do an upper body split or lower body split because it works well for me. Sometimes people like to compound the moves or even stack them. I like a stack approach or a drop down just to mix things up. I would not want the body to get used to any one thing and not work as hard as it is able. You either add weights each set or take them away, NICE!
You can also do sets to fatigue which I like for back and shoulders which is just a higher set of reps with say 4 sets or crank them out till you can not do any more without sacrificing form. Set mix up works great to change things up, like going from a 3x10 to a 4x8 if you have never done that its a nice way to build lean mass and I recommend trying it. For great competitive workouts check out one of my favorite links, Body its listed below on my favs list.
Workout - Lower body lifts & Abs
Mood - Make it count! TOM coming
Wt - 123.0
Cals = 35
Last sets = 12 reps

3x10 60lb squats
3x10 140lb leg press
3x10 55lb laying glute
3x10 40lb standing glute
3x10 hyper extension
2x15 standing ab machine
50 obliques - bent knee on side
50 crunches basic
25 flat body pulses

Feeling great and cant wait to do my upper body again. I did not do my splits stretch I got to the gym a bit late because of TOM. I added 2 reps to each of my last sets, tough love there!

Off to get the Rockstar Body....

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