Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lessons

Why is it all or nothing in life?

Seems like you can be going along and then God steps in with a lesson and you get a wake up call. I am still wondering what he is teaching my mom. She just got passed losing her brother, then an incredible ice storm that left her without water, electric or heat for 3 days and then her dog of 17yrs passed away. Poor mom she's just exhausted, but like a farmers daughter she is still up and facing the day even though she can barely put one foot in front of the other. Now that's determination!

You know going back to some reading and audios that I have been doing, I think of this one statement:
If all you did was think of what you wanted, and then got it how boring life would be!

No lessons to be learned, or spiritual growth. Its true, and I try to remind myself that when I have hit adversity.

Do you?

I guess sometimes I get selfish, and spoiled and I just want things now or my way. I don't want to learn the lesson, but its true it makes you a deeper person and is a process we must go through. I even have to zip my lip on some things thinking I am helping when really it just needs the process to see the light of the outcome. Life, its beautiful!

Tomorrow its back to the gym...
Off to get the Rockstar Body

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