Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shoveling snow *sigh Picture Blog

Today was another fun filled snow day at home. I really don't like the ice at all, or snow for that matter and when you drive a MINI Cooper you have to watch out for all the SUVs that try to "slather" you with stuff from the big tires they have.

Needless to say, I spent half the day clearing snow, and ice from the car and the driveway. I have to key in how many calories that was but a bunch yay!

For breakfast I made some thinned out pancakes, and had vanilla whey with water, it was D-lish and energizing. Here are the pictures as I went to shovel mounds of snow, you can see it was very cold.

Me heading out to blast some calories and find my little red MINI Cooper ;-)

When your talking a 1/4 acre long driveway it can take a while as a matter of fact 2 hours and its still not clear of the sleet. Plus Mr. Nice County snow plow blasted the end of my driveway with a mound of ice about a foot tall I still have to get to or the car will not make it over it in the morning *sigh gotta love paying taxes....Can you see the road marks at the bottom of the hill?

I am standing about 1/2 way

It was a tough job so I went in for lunch protein packed and tasty too!

Bun less turkey burger, beans and popcorn plus fat free fig newtons for dessert - sorry scarfed those down no picture :-)

Then I did today's workout:
30 min Turbo sculpt w/5lb db

What I liked about this workout that I was re-visiting from 2005 is the energy level, it really flew by. Plus it was a lot of leg work, and after shoveling that was just what I needed.

Oh I was going to Bob Harper's Kettlebell workout but that may be later because honestly I am pooped!

I will be back at the office tomorrow, and I think the MINI will make it just fine now that the roads are much better.


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  1. That snow shoveling is no joke! Instant workout, I suppose :) Your food pic cracked me up. I loved the popcorn on the plate like a regular side dish.