Thursday, February 10, 2011

Motivational Blog

Tonight is Yoga Core, and I am super motivated today since we have some sunshine.

Plan for the day:
Wash car
Get Valentines
Practice Zumba

Thursday Motivation:

" Struggles! Difficulties! Challenges! All these we see daily and we feel like giving up but remember: there is a dawn after the night."
Written in 2011 by Andrew Effiong

" Dream big and aim your goal toward the stars. You may not be able to reach them, but for sure they will guide your way through a satisfying successful life. Everything being built is the fruit of a dream. Dream big but above all, act upon it."
Written in 2011 by Eduardo Dominguez

" Hard work and Success are prone to attract each other with the same force."
Written in 2011 by Dr. Pravin Dhikale

" Your conscience tells you what your heart doesn't want you to know."
Written in 2011 by Louise Smith

" It takes an instant to change... for the better. Deciding to finally make the change could take years... or an instant."
Written in 2011 by Pete W. Zafra

" Don't put your happiness in the hands of someone else. If you really want to be happy, you have to find this happiness within yourself."
Written in 2010 by Lawal Olanrewaju Kazzym

" Successful people always have two things on their lips... silence and a smile; a smile to solve the problem and silence to avoid the problem."
Author Unknown

" If you have never made a mistake, you would have never learned anything."
Author Unknown


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