Monday, February 21, 2011

Back To 2 Missing Pieces

This weekend I went out of town to do my taxes in the country where my mom lives, and I completed them by myself...a first.

My mom usually does them, but this year she was not feeling up to it so we got a new software by HR Block and I completed them. They will go in the mail on Tuesday thank goodness!

Since I left early to head out of town, I did not do a workout on Saturday morning missing my Yoga class *sigh.

But I did do 15 minutes of Yoga later that day, and I tried not to over eat at my moms since she cooks southern and has lots of chocolate around.

The main thing is I revisited 2 missing pieces that I had not been in my life lately. (Got off course)

1. Anthony Robbins - Extraordinary life program
2. Green Monsters - Smoothies with spinach yum!

There is an area that Tony talks about is setting goals and how to achieve them, by finding out your stumbling blocks. Mine seem to be that I don't have them clearly written. I have them written from Darren Hardy's Making Your Best Life program (another super guy) however I think I need to make them on small cards and focus more.

I also missed the breathing which I did on my way home. It is 4 breaths in, and 4 out saying a gratitude. You touch your thumb to each finger as you do this in unison. LOVE IT! Talk about changing your mood FAST!

After doing stressful taxes for 6 hours, I needed it!

Then this morning, I also decided to get back to Green Monsters. Tony reminded me in this series as he talks about health and cleansing and what "greens and wheat" do for the body.

My spark friend Jen (Jensfitjourney) has a full blog on this.

I am not that dedicated but he does recommend a 3 day weekend for starters. Talking about how alkaline and acid in the body makes you have energy, or not and lets illness in or not.

So that was that, back to adding spinach to my smoothies because that is when I felt so much more alive and energetic.

My Green monster smoothie today:
1/2 cup spinach fresh
1/2 banana
1 cup water
2 scoops vanilla whey

Saturday workout:
15 min Yoga

Taxes 6 hours

Off day
Train client tonight - Circuit

Green Monsters and recipes


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