Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Focus on the changes

The Devil is so sly!

Today I had a bit of guilt not working out and eating chocolate last night but that is not the worst of it.

I have created my new plan of action but a few things Satin is trying to mess with, and I command him to FLEE!

My client had the flu last night and canceled
Last night we did not go out we just relaxed - this is a first for me EVAH!
I was tired from my trip out of town and did not want to get up today
Eating that chocolate made my tummy upset - hence why I should not eat it
I have been feeling like I am unsure about things

Let me explain.



I want so much.

There has to be more.

I love business.

I like to live to the fullest.

I enjoy planning and goals, lists and accomplishing.

I help as many as I can, and try to remain humble which is hard at times, like most people we like to live for the flesh. Things. Fashion. Shoes. Money. Memories.

Why do I feel like the Devil is messing with me?

I have been caged all winter, and I feel a bit lost in direction. My business is good, my job is good, and my relationships can always be better. Enter the devil of temptation.

I have everything I need and want, but I feel fear. Like maybe I should be further along then I am in my goals. Or maybe its because of "old man past" working on me...trying to say I am a failure.

Failure in past relationships that I don't want to repeat, I want to grow and move forward.

Failure in trying to teach as well as I want to I want to be the best I can be.

Failure because I am not having fun like I have in the past traveling, camping and eating at new places.

Maybe I need change?

I just need to reflect on the all the positive changes I have made and move from there. Its not a funk, its just a little Devil trying to tell me I can't have all the Glory God has given to me.

Have you ever felt this?

Fear, jealousy, anger, uncertainty, they all come from the Devil.......so my prayers today will bring peace and joy to me as I kick the Devil to the curb! I'm looking for MORE.


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