Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All About Running

I just love this blog that Julie wrote about running, she let me use this information and I thank her.

All about running is how I feel right now, looking back at many blogs of people that start to run how accomplished they feel.

It doesn't matter if you finish, you go, you do and you be yourself.

I don't really talk too much about running and some of you may know or not know that I was a runner for 20 years.



I just loved being outside jamming to some good tunes and running in the wind, it felt like magic.

Never competed until a few years ago asked to do a 5K by a friend so I did .

I placed 3rd in class.

9.11 min mile.

47 years old.

Haven't ran in years.

But its something you love or you don't and I never got hooked on competing so I never really tried to do any runs for metals now I have one.

Just one.

I ran 5 miles every day for 20 years sometimes more, on a service road by my house in rebok tennis shoes. No fancy shoe, no inserts, no gels or goos just me and my altoids.

Once I did 7 miles on an elliptical, without cracking a sweat at a 10 min mile. Treadmills bore me, they just do but are used by many runners to practice when its winter or for sprints and inclines.
Now I am thinking about just running to run this spring and see how far I go and how many miles I complete and in what time.


Maybe add a halfie or full to my bucket list.............

Monday run:
4 miles 10 min mile = 40 min
Tuesday run:
3 miles run walk 1 mile inclines = 40 min


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