Friday, February 18, 2011

Pay it Forward with Shoes

Day of Dance for Health in MO is Feb 26 if you want to know the moves here is the dance - its at the Hilton Frontenac I think I may go.

This morning workout:
Workout - Cardio
Time of workout = 20 min Zumba
Cals burned = 50

1 cup water
3 scoops vanilla whey
1 tsp olive oil

Today will be another great day for running, however I won't have time at lunch to do so with errands to run.

Let me explain, there is a woman that comes to our Bible Study and this week she came in limping.
I asked her what was wrong, she said her tennis shoes were too small and that they hurt her feet but that she could not afford to get any right now. I asked her what size the shoes were, thinking maybe mine would fit (yes I have 4 pair). She said 7.5 and I think I need an 8.

She is a home care specialists (always giving to others) and is on her feet quite a bit with clients, she said she was getting by just walking slow.

So yesterday I went to Kmart (I know here we go again) and found these shoes for just $15.00.
Hey they were $35.

Then I got to thinking what if she can't wear these? She is in her late 50's I guess, so today I am going to get these and let her pick. Same price same savings.

Since these are more like the type she had on, she may like them better then I will return the pair she doesn't like after the sale.

She is the sweetest woman, she has always come to my community fitness class, never missing a class. So of course I have to pay it forward with shoes and I know she will be so surprised next Tuesday.

This weekend Taxes part 2.


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  1. That was a great story to hear. Thanks for sharing and I am sure it will all come back around to you in many more ways. Have a great weekend!