Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Client Training and Back Workout

Tonight we host Bible Study, I may try to finish a bit more back or stretch before we start.

Last night I had a dream about a big snake, so I did not sleep very well. I kept trying to hide in a box in an empty house, it was just scary! Eeek!

Ok, workouts as follows.

Tuesday Workout:
Workout - P90X 10 Min Stretch and Back
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = ?

P90X Stretch
Arm circles
Side stretch
Bicep/tricep combo

Asst Pull ups w/chair
Wide = 10
Close = 10
Bicep grip = 10

Asst Chin up w/chair
Center grip = 10

Back Rows 25lb 2x12
Triceps kick backs 5lb 2x10

1 banana
1 c water
2 scoops vanilla ice cream whey
1 tsp olive oil

Monday off day
AM P90X Stretch - 30 min
1 hour CPT training session w/2 clients on Buddy training

Warm up 6 min:
Ballistic stretches
Arm circles
Wrist circles/prayers/prayer press downs
Neck rolls
Shoulder/tricep stretch
Runners lunge to triangle to forward bend
Toe lifts in goddess pose

Circuit Client training change each 1 min:
Jacks / jogs on board
25lb Kettle swings
Alt Lunges w/10lb db w/bicep curls on step
Jogs on board - high knees
Med ball wood chops = 6lb
Step alt single leg squats w/10db
Med ball pass twists = 6lb
Crunches off bench - knee ins
25lb Kettlebell straight leg dead lifts
TRX combo move - forward shoulder lateral/side laterals - TRX is a great training tool
Chair pose w/squeezing pilates ball at knees
Jacks on board w/suspension band at ankles
Band chest cross overs
Push ups on jog board
Pull ups on TRX w/bar from floor - I love this TRX
Sumo squats w/10lb db behind back

Cool down stretch 5 min:
Forward bend
Straight leg forward reach right then left and hold
Shoulder/tricep stretch
Neck rolls
Arm overhead to side reaches
Squat to press R & L shoulder down
Back round outs
Goddess with toe lifts w/3 deep lifting breaths


I am using the TRX system with my clients now and this works great. Not only for training but stretch and flex too.


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