Friday, February 25, 2011

P90X Chest and Back

Again we had snow this morning, so I had to get up early for that...WHEN WILL IT END?

However, I managed to get in 20 minutes of P90X Chest and Back.
Now I should have fast forwarded to the strength training part, because the beginning is just like what I did last night at core minus the pull ups. Ugh! so sore, I kinda whimped.

Don't bother looking for my body stats this week either. I will post those over the weekend if there is change, I just did not feel there was any big change again this week at all. (remember that sugar melt down?)

I have to say doing my Green Monsters this week, I have really felt more energy and full longer. I drink it at 7.15am and am usually starved by my breakfast at 10 am but now I feel just right.

Thinking I may include one of those for my afternoon snack, it just makes me feel TOTALLY energized by all those good greens.

Find Green Monsters here:

My Green Monster:
1/2 c blue berries
1/2 banana
1 c cold water
2 scoops vanilla whey

Today's Workout:

Workout - P90X Chest and Back
Time of workout - 20 min
Cals burned = 50

Pushups - 20
Pull ups asst - 15
Military pushups - 15
Wide grip pull up asst - 10
Close push ups - 5
Reverse grip chin ups asst - 10

Train client TRX & Cardio

Last nights Workout:
Workout - Yoga Core
Time of workout = 1 hour
Cals burned = 266

Includes 200 core moves:
Bridge w/ball at knees
Dolphin push ups
Modified push ups
Advanced push ups (downdog, to plank, to hover (chaterunga) to updog to downdog)
Reverse crunches legs up
Folded knee reg crunches (lotus crunches)


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