Friday, April 30, 2010

ME Great LEGS?

(These are NOT my legs but they look just like this, REALLY)

There I was standing in line last night in shorts, and this woman is staring a hole right through my legs. She is smiling we are making small conversation and she's still staring at my legs. I'm looking at her eyes, and she's still glancing at my legs. I'm thinking whats up????

I have no idea why people are always staring at my legs until one day my friend said........

You have grrrrrrreat legs!

Really I thought, I have knobby knees, a scar from my motorcycle accident and my thin ankles. Then I thought OK, so they are long, did get me modeling gigs back in the day, maybe they are great?

I can walk
I can run
They never hurt
They tan pretty good
I can wear tall boots
I can wear short boots
I can wear really high heals

Hum, I guess its true they are pretty great. I mean its not like my tiny chest, where I could get implants or any other body part you can just go out and buy. You just can't really buy a great pair of legs, and that makes me feel really good.

Need a 30 day workout to blast the fat?

Its FREE and its good, I just love this site.

Workout today = NONE, zip, notta has taken over T's life and its not fun and its very smelly! Thank goodness Max the plumber is coming today and so is UE to find out why the house has power surges, its like a really smelly rock concert at the Barbie house right now!

Keeping my eating plan in check, and got in a short walk after tanning at lunch. Maybe tonight I will get in some sort of workout, if the storms hold off and I have electric and plumbing!


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