Friday, April 2, 2010

Are You Getting The IPAD Saturday?

How great would that be!

If your on "pre-order" to get one tomorrow I am just wondering how many want this little gadget that's making history. (I can't swing it right now $ and I am not that high tech but it seems really KEWL!)

So far Friday is starting out very good:
1. Got up worked out BLASTED Shred Level 1
2. Had my weird food, yogurt, oil and whey.....yum
3. Made some banana bread, fat free and not fat free and brought to the office since I can't have bananas and had a whole bunch I could not bare to throw out (and SAVED calories, GO T.)
4. Organized and added all my March receipts for the home budget
5. Will take a walk/run at lunch... woo woo

Last night we saw the best live performance for FREE at a church near my house, WE loved it!

Alive POWERFUL! It was an amazing show, really brought to life and so many tears and emotions.

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Easter holiday weekend, and to enjoy your family time. God Bless.

PLUS....I did get in a 10 min run, and 35 walk = 45 min with inclines at lunch yesterday as my split workout. Single leg squats, and 50 regular crunches as a bonus...buh bye muffy top!

30 Day Shred Level 1
3-2-1 (3 min strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min core)

Mood - TGIF!
Wt - 120
Time of workout = 25 Min
Cals burned = ?

WT - 120
BF% 23.1 this is +but my new diet should change this (Day 4)
BMI 20.6

Warm up:

Hip circles
Knee circles


Pushups - 15
Bent over rows - 15lb
Reg bent knee crunches

Jump jacks
Jump rope
Jump jacks

Back lunge w/bicep curl - 10lb
Arm punches
Bent knee oblique crunches

Glute kicks
Jump jacks
Glute kicks

Laying chest flys - 10lb
Side lunge w/shoulder raise - 7lb
Jumping jacks

Butt kicks
Jump rope
Arm punches
Side obliques

Cool down:
Wide leg stretch
Quad stretch



  1. Looks like a big gadget to me as well...soon we all will have one!!! LOL...remember when computers came out, only a few could afford, now its in every household...

    Thanks for your encouraging comment to me today. I feel I am getting myself back again after the break - I listened to a talk by Bob Harper this morning while, it got me all fired up again...
    I am going to have a good Easter weekend, an active one, no matter what the I hate running in the cold, so skipped...thanks for those training tips...I did squats, all kinds, biceps, triceps and shoulders feeling I made the difference today.

    That breakfast of yours sounds good. I noticed that my protein is not enough daily, will need to find a protein shake, but finding one in Germany is so hard, will have to import from the UK - I need to get more protein into my diet as my fat and carbs are to high!!

  2. I have to tap into your blog more often. you post such a variety of posts and very well written might I add. i will be visiting more for some much needed inspiration.

    Train hard lady!! You always do.
    Hope you have a great Easter.

  3. Saw your post on my blog -- thanks for commenting!!
    Bondi bands are awesome and you will love them! They fit my big noggin- well and never slip. My favorite running shoes are brooks adrenaline. I'm on my 8th or 9th pair I think.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Marcelle, you know I am a fan glad I could help you out.

    Nancy, I enjoy learning from you and you know you have my support on all my links you RAWK so stop by anytime.

    Running Diva Mom, I was hoping I would win your gels but I did not. Thanks for sharing your shoes, Im checking into the Bondi Bands its a great price and I love the retro ones.