Friday, April 16, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again!

Yesterday I talked about change, how hard it is and some thoughts you may have during those struggles.

Today I wanted to add self sabotaging. Oops I did it again!

Sorta like so many celebrities do in there lives, we all have some area that it happens in. A created habit or things your doing that are stopping you DEAD in your tracks on reaching past the plateau, past your "Set weigh number" (you know the one number you keep going back to each and EVERY time) or past a change.

If you say that you don't sabotage yourself, sorry your heart is lying to your head. No matter who we are there are some areas we do this, its the pushing past the FEAR that will get you there to that new growth, that new goal, that new fabulous place you REALLY want to be at.

Do you know these Oops?

Didn't workout

Went over my calories

Lied on my calorie count

Ate that......fill in the blank

Drank that......fill in the blank

Said a yes, when I meant NO

Took on more then I can handle

Did for others, but not for ME

Slept less then 8 hours

Did not do one thing different to grow or learn

Lazy couch potato

Stayed out of the MOMENT

Forgot to compliment someone

Never acknowledged gratitude's

Was disorganized

Wore something NOT flattering

Over spent

Bought junk food

Negative self talk

Felt unworthy


Self sabotaging mind control

Told myself I am not good enough or deserving

When you want to rid yourself of this "OOPS" type of pattern, you FIRST must find out the pay off. What are you getting out of it? Are you afraid to change and why?

You CAN change this, replace your Oops with POSITIVES!

Do a better workout, longer more intense when you miss. Just move forward, get over it, your NOT a failure!

Buy only foods that are good for you, skip the pre-packaged stuff. If you don't bring it in, you won't eat it!

Your your worst enemy, find 3 things you love about yourself and be grateful. (You can find 3 things trust me) Maybe its you can see, read, have a home, whatever, just do it and watch you life change!

Don't worry about what you can't control, it ages you and stress makes you fat!

Try new things, make life YOURS and with each small step gains a HUGE amount of confidence. Even if its just reading something you never read, or talking to a stranger, its about expanding and growing, love life...its your only one!

Gossip is a fire, put it out. As soon as it strikes walk away or turn the subject over to a positive. Reading rag magazines will feed your brain POISON and that is what it processes...YUCK!

Say cancel, cancel when your negative self talking inside drama queen rears up say it over and over and over works!

Take care of you, your the only one like you in the world. Its not selfish, its not wrong, its just what will keep you healthy and around for your family and friends.

Don't let Oops get the best of you, don't beat yourself up......pull up your britches, roll up your sleeves and get busy on getting out of the past, staying in the moment and being the BEST YOU that you can be.

Day 2, I still have my sore throat and swollen glands, so no workout or stats today. Someone sent me some home remidies going to get those after work. I did however walk inclines at lunch yesterday, but not very hard. Seems the more I pant, the worse my throat feels....ugg.


  1. You soooooooo honest, I like that...I have many of those moments..but hey...thats life...I did run today..but now drinking a glass of Rose'

  2. AGREED! Especially on leaving the pre-packaged stuff at the store. I'm great at getting my workouts done but not so disciplined when it comes to food so I just have to make sure NOT to bring it in my home or else I will reach for the convenient,fast, premade food. Great post!

  3. Marcelle - Thank you! Also you have been doing so good with your point system I am proud of you!

    Kiesha - Ditto for me, just seems like its faster when your in a hurry but that just means I need to plan better right?