Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diet and Fitness are so SIMPLE!

Diet and fitness are so simple, then why is it so hard?

Because all the OTHER things get in the way! That makes it simple...but not easy, because if it were easy there would be no need to have trainers and everyone would have it right?

JM says, use a HOT and COLD system. When something works for you, your getting hotter when its not, your getting colder. As in when you were little and would play hide and seek. When someone was getting close to you they would say your getting hotter.....when you are farther away they say your getting colder.

Find things that you can deal with = HOTTER = lifestyle change.

Her example was, like coffee? thats a hotter, don't like tea, that's a colder. Once you find out all these things that are your basics you can begin to start to change them to become healthier for you. As in if its coffee with cream, start cutting back on the cream.

Every step of change counts, and even though its a simple process its still hard.

Why? As she put it "SIMPLE, workout, eat clean = game over."

But then life happens, the kids need you, you work late or you forget to pack your meals. Its not just calories in and calories out, its more like a puzzle or a maze called LIFE or lifestyle.

I got to thinking about this, since it kinda made sense to me to make a list of what gets in my way keeping me colder, then how to eliminate it to keep T. = HOTTER!

1. Eating the same meals = boring = binging
HOTTER = find new recipes that fall in the same macros

2. Motivation to push harder = music
HOTTER = load new music 1 time a week

3. Finding variety in my lifting = too routine = don't push hard enough
HOTTER = incorporate drop downs, ladders or pyramids

4. Avoiding burn out = motivational meltdown
HOTTER = reach out to achievers, changing up workouts

Now what?
Put these new ideas in place = Game over.

Yesterdays workouts:
30 day Shred = 25 min
Taught Circuit class = 30 min
Cals burned total = 312

Circuit class: I taught switch over with 10 minutes on 1 circuit then 10 minutes on the other circuit. Everyone had so much fun, I don't think they even realized how hard they were panting and working out. You gotta love that right?

Circuit one - vary set with 2 times wide tire plyo jumps for the cardio, reps were 15-20 each.

6lb weight ball wood chops
9lb body bar twists
15lb kettle bell swings
5lb tricep kick backs
4lb med ball crunches

6lb weighted ball squat swing to over head press
9lb body bar front alt lunges
15lb kettle bell plea squats
5lb calve raises w/bicep curls
4lb med ball reverse curls pikes

1 minute jumping jacks
25 pushups
30 sec plank hold

JM 30 Day Shred Level 3 (3-2-1 Strength, cardio and abs)

20 Min workout - 30 Day Shred level 3
Cals burned = 125
Time of workouts = 25 mins

Warm up:
Arm crosses
Backward windmills
Double jump rope
High kick to touches
Butt kicks
Knee circles

Walking planks
Walking planks

Mountain climbers
Sumo squats
Plank pose
Mountain climbers
Sumo squats

Pike crunch
Scissor crunches

DB Cleans – 5lb R
Jumping lunges
DB Cleans – 5lb L
Jumping lunges

Shadow box – 3lb db
Butt kicks – 3lb db
Shadow box – 3lb db
Jumping jacks – 3lb db

Sit ups – straight leg

Travel pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db
Traveling pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db

Jump squats
Rockstar jumps
Jump squats
Rockstar jumps

Side rise plank

Cool down:
Seated split stretch
Standing hamstring

Ps: here is my take on some desk stretches if you work at a desk all day

Please check out Rachel's recipes today on her blog, OMG she RAWKS!

I am ADDICTED to her eggs-n-oats and they keep me full for 4 hours, no kidding! I can't wait to try this meatloaf, or the sweet potato. She makes easy and fast just how I like it.

Stop by and visit her page she is full of great information and tips, tell her T. sent ya.



  1. I find that is exactly what I have been doing over the last year...slowly giving up things I no longer need in my diet and adding more clean eating, I think had I done it all at one I would never have stuck with it, but slowly giving up one thing here and there makes the difference for sure.
    I've now given up my flavored water...I saw it was filled with fructose...now on plain water - its hard but am sure will get used to it and see the results.

  2. Great post. I have noticed after getting through this past 7 months of changing my diet how I am gravitating towards what works for me! I am working with a trainer that knows I like change with my excercise..again, what works for ME.
    I am going to go check out those recipes. Thank-you!! :-)