Friday, April 23, 2010

Sugar Struggles

Where can I get one of these???

Alright so yesterday I had a very expensive day with the car. I had to have some kind of u-join arm thingys replaced on the car, its what keeps the wheels in line or your car would wobble down the road. My MINI has 115,000 miles on it now, so they said they just wore out.

Because of this, it would not pass inspection.....sigh.

Since the car was in the shop for this and I needed an oil change and filter, I bit the bullet and got it all done at once. I mean really....I have vacation next month and felt pretty good about being frugal with my savings this THIS!

Hello money tree where are you? If someone knows let me in on it please!

The total bill was $711.00 smackers!

Not that the cute car is not worth it, I have had it for 6 years so there is some maintenance right? But sheesh.....I just had tires last month for $600.00! Yup, they only make a few tires to fit this MINI they kinda sock it to you.

Next the doctor is going to do surgery on my ear AGAIN.

The first surgery 6 months ago, and the tube put in my ear did not work. So now we are going more evasive. Not out patient clinic, going to the BIG hospital which I am scared of surgery anyways...YIKES. I just have to get rid of this constant 24/7 loud ringing in my ear, its making my workouts tough, my whole energy level and balance is OFF!

I'm just thinking, if I plant some money in the new garden you think it might grow? Cause now I have to pay for surgery in June.

Sorry I have been behind on posting my stats, mostly because they have not really changed for the better so whats to be exceited about right? Ump........

Alright I did my Friday stats today and they are:
Wt = 121
BF% 23.8
BMI 20.8

It's been very tough to break that 22% barrier. I have still been going back to my "set back" numbers which is so frustrating. I have to put the effort into the diet or its not going to work. Right now its a higher good fat, higher protein and lower carbs.

I'm still struggling with sugar!

I just need to get back to these treats instead:
Chocolate soy
Sugar free Jello
Dark chocolate 60% or higher
Non fat yogurt

I'm going to come up with a new plan of action, I am missing my spunk lately with this whole ear thingy.

There are 2 plans, one is ChaLEAN and the other is a Push-Pull workout. I must say yesterday I felt pretty darn good getting in my pullups again and working with my heavier weights again.

Any thoughts?

This month needs to finish out strong....


  1. thanks for the encouraging words your weight is 121 im still at 125lbs !! lol! i cant wait to get to 119 and lower!

  2. I love my mini as well so can imagine how you feel its frustrating but worth the money spent....LOL, who am I kidding...I hate wasting money on things like cars!!

    Hope you get that ear sorted out, you off balance and ringing in your ears sounds like me....but am will be soon as well.

    Sugar...oh that dreaded word
    Do you find fat free yogurt there without Aspartame in it??>

  3. If you find that money tree, I want in on it! For me sweet fix I pop a few chocolate chips. They're small so if I get 10 and pop one at a time I get my craving done and over with and haven't consumed too much. I don't know, works for me. Good luck!

  4. I hear you on the sweet cravings!! They get me bad sometimes when I am PMS'ing :-/

  5. Mix 2T cocoa powder into some ff greek yogurt works like a charm for me girl!
    Money tree I planted one last year, still NOTHING growing WTH?
    Hang in there girl....when the life gets a little crazy...its just trying to throw you off the path of succeeding DONT let it, just keep on keeping on!

  6. Wow, thanks everyone for all these comments and help its just what I needed today :-)