Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaack From Laguna Beach Vacation

What a wonderful quaint hotel located in Orange county California Laguna Beach (more on this later)

Here are some more pictures of the hotel top balcony

Backside of hotel facing the beach, the curved steps take you up to the hotel.

Sunset from the top balcony

We went to a few places to eat, and had a room with a kitchen so we bought goodies to eat.

Don't worry I saved my calories for desserts like a good trainer lol

The fruit was so sweet!

This was half a burrito we shared for just $10 it had lots of veggies, chicken and shrimp delish!

With lots and lots of walking too.

Had a fabulous sub sandwich..yum!

It was so delish I could not wait to eat it!

Found a gym across the street and worked out with the owner Treva at Core Movement Studio (more on this later)
I did 3 workout classes, a spin class, yoga and strength training. She RAWKS!

Did a spin class with this model here he is with his ad...enjoy this eye candy ;-)

Blue daisie centers

So its back to reality, and to work today leaving 80 degrees and sunny with a sun burn to cold and blah boo hoo!

Btw, I came home weighing less then when I left and tried to get in as many veggies and fish as possible. I will list my food and workouts this week when I get caught up.


  1. Beautiful vacation photos T.. It looks like a fantastic time and the hotel was gorgeous..!!

  2. I missed you and felt your absence....

    Looks like a dream place to have a vacation...stunning view of the sea and great that you got to train...

    WElcome back.

  3. Laguana beach look so beautiful!! glad you had a great break and enjoyed so much yummy food and fun times!

  4. Thank you all, it was a wonderful time and I wish I could have stayed another week :-)

  5. Hey I used to LIKE you NO more....Laguna Beach without Mary, how did you ever enjoy your vacation! LOL! OMG...looks STUNNING! and the EYE candy.........HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I would have spun right off the bike! LOL!

    Good energy to keep working towards your goals...some recharge for Ms. Trainer T!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!