Monday, April 19, 2010

Do I Have Bragging Rights?

(this is NOT me, it is an Istock photo I cropped)

I'm thrilled! I met a goal, I am doing the HAPPY dance!

On Sunday I decided to conquer that manual step machine and boy was it haaaaaaaard!

So far I have only lasted 10 minutes on this puppy, so on Sunday I decide to have some carbs before my workout, shorten my HIIT on the elliptical and go for it!

Here is what I did:
Ate 1 cup honey nut cheerios with 1/2 cup almond milk. Waited 20 minutes went to the gym and got on the elliptical. 15 minutes total, level 12 resistance 4 for 8 minutes then on level 15 resistance 4 for 7 minutes alternating sprints.

Getting warmed up.........

Then.......I walked over to the "BAD BOY" manual stair climber knowing I had not exerted all my energy to be able to do this full workout. 20 minutes is the MAX on this machine, cause I guess anymore and you would be D-E-A-D! (or I would be, as I said before that's WHY ITS IN THE BACK OF THE CARDIO)

I decided I would get bored from this struggle, even with great music (its that hard) so after 10 minutes I started mixing it up. Yeah I know, I can look a bit odd doing what I do on machines, but I don't really care what others think this is MY WORKOUT!

I took 3 minute intervals and did cross over steps, one leg to the right over the left and then left leg over the right as far as I could go so each step was a cross over. LOVED IT. Then I would do 2 minutes regular steps.

Next I did wide steps, SUMO steps or squat steps. I went as wide as the step to the right with the right leg, then to the left with the left leg, going from side to side. KILLER. (Yup, I really looked wierd doing this lol.....)

The last few minutes of the workout I did knee lifts to my chest, crunching in my abs then placing my foot on the step. Sorta like big high steep steps. Again LOVED IT! All said in done, I mastered this machine and am darn proud to "toot my own horn" about it.

Of course with sweat dripping off me, I was more then happy to walk away with an ear to ear grin to check this goal off my list as COMPLETED!

Bragging rights huh?

Today's workout:
Off day
Teaching 30 minute class tonight - not sure what yet

Workout minutes for the week came in at 425 calorie burn at 2411. I never track that but in BIG red letters it said "You've gone over your weekly calories burned goal by a significant amount" I must have really hit it hard this week?

I don't really go by that because on my ST I just list what I do there so I suppose I am NOT getting ALL the spark points for fitness minutes I could be getting, huh?

Anyway, here are my workouts for the weekend and I think I deserve to brag do you? I have 2 more weeks to go then its all about the swimsuit!

Sundays workout:
At the Gym

Time of workout = 45 mins
Cals burned = 450

15 min elliptical sprints - Incline 10-15 level 4 at 2300 steps

20 manual stair climber - 73 flights level 5-7 intervals burning 300 calories! Yup I did it, finally got this goal and it was a KILLER TO ACHIEVE. That was over 2 miles of steps!

2x20 reverse standing ab machine
2x10 hyper extensions
20 lat switch grip cable pull downs 45lb
2 x 10 cable rows 55lb - free standing

Saturday's workout:
At the gym
Time of workout = 2 hours
Cals burned = 504

1 hour power yoga
1 hour KILLER circuit class (3lb db on all punches)

Combat kicks off triple step
Lunge with hammer curls
Jumping squats
Slide mountain climbers on towel
Back kicks of triple step
Side kicks with hammer punch
V-sit ups with punches
Slide mountain climbers w/pushup on towel
Squats with overhead press
Straight jabs fast one on one
Walking plank feet on towel up and back
Jump rope
Boxer shuffle


Ps: these are Rachels eggs-n-oats I am now addicted to! They are great with honey in them if you want to see her recipe here is her blog on it.


  1. I'm excited cause you excited, but have no idea what that machine looks like..remember I live in the country and we have equipment dating back till who knows when..

  2. Marcelle,
    Oh thanks! There is a picture in my blog titled "If Rocky can do it so can I". Its not exact but close and I love that comment about your equipment lol.......