Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Battle of Change

The daily battle of change, sometimes its just plain HARD!

Change sucks!

It's hard to change!

When you try to change, you want to go back to your old ways......just evil!

Once you make a plan, something always try to attack it (sometimes is YOU!)

You get on a roll and BAM life hits you with some kinda something-or-other and de-rails you

Then you feel like you got it mastered and then creeping comes up...creep a little bad here, creep a little bad there

Your loving it so you decide you want more, but its hard

You battle the mind and sub-conscious mind

Then you recruit some help but the problem is they are not there 24/7 and even if they are they are less willing then YOU

Your stuggling and everyone else seems to have a breeze about it and FRUSTRATION sets in

Just when your on the brink and feeling good PMS, TOM or some other hormonal MELTDOWN takes place and you binge

You over-do then your so dog gone sore you can't move for 3 days and give up your gumpshin

Your in the mood for a great cardio workout completely stressed out and every machine at the gym ever invented for cardio is TAKEN

You decide to hit the weight section of the gym get your courage up to be with the big boys a HUGE change for you and every bar bell has a 50 or 100 or more pounds of weight on it UGGG

You get a gym membership do it for a full week long then you get sick and miss a week, and have to find that energy to start all over again

But then it happens........all the stars align with change, and your finally see it happening. Your going to the gym, your doing all the right things and the scale is rewarding you.

You realize all that hard work of starting change was worth it, and you can do it, you can make it happen and it all started with one little battle of change.


  1. Thats just how it happens, but trying to hold onto that motivation for months on end is where I find the struggle now...but am about 85% back on track..

  2. OMG! Great minds think alike I posted about change TODAY on my Page!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know the OLD saying holds true Girlfriend...ONLY the STRONG survive....we have to keep going and KEEP ON KEEPING on! NEVER give up!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes DETERMINATION and a STRONG WILL to FINISH the race........ It is much like a newborn, to a toddler, to a child, to a teenager to an all comes with alot of PAIN, FAILURES, HURTS, but as we progress we get Better, Stronger, Wiser and Winners!!!!!!!!!

    See you at the TOP!

  3. Marcelle - I am glad your getting back after your battles. Rememeber keeping the motivation is a lot of GOOD habits = results, and music!

    Mary - Thank you for the wonderful comments I am off to check your blog :-)