Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"You need your body to support your dreams. If the spirit is willing but the body is lazy and tired you can't make your dreams come true." Jim Rohn

Every time you workout or take care of your body you are gaining energy and clarity in the mind.

It also helps your spirit, you feel better and you get more done. Ask anyone that ever lost over 20lbs and they will tell you how much more energy they have.

Can you imagine how successful the contestants on the Biggest Loser are when they are done with the program? Its because the body is now supporting the mind, and it wants to. When you first start you need the mind to tell the body to get out of bed, off the couch and push away from the fast food drive through and get going.

Once you get that accomplished your on you way to feeling much better each time. You don't have to start with 6 hours at the gym!

10 minutes here and there, then build from that. Each time you make a change jot it down on your calendar. Look over all the changes you make in a month, and know YOU CAN DO IT!

Starting is the hardest part...next to staying consistent.


Because we want INSTANT everything and the body is NOT like that. People quit way to soon!

Just imagine if we got instant results. Say you have cancer, would you want your body to say "BAM enter cancer, take over body and die!" NO! So don't expect INSTANT weight loss! (I know that's extreme but you get the point here, you slowly help or hurt you body its YOUR CHOICE.)

Only you can decide do you want to keep killing your body slowly with bad diet and no movement?

Don't you want to feel better and be happier? You can if you take care of your body, your mind will suddenly start to create new things for you that you never even could do or think of doing before. You will see its true.

So don't expect ANY change from a body in less then 90 days. That's the magic number, it really is. (long before P90X)

You can say 30 days and you may see some changes like water weight, but your just on the brink and in 30 days most will quit.

Persevere, and each day cross off your changes and move forward. Not the scale, it LIES.

Start small and build on that, just give it 90 days...a season, and from then on you will be well on your way to more and more as your jeans get easier to zip, your jewelry will be getting loose twirling around your finger, and your bra will feel big.......woo woo

Then it will be time to fulfill all your dreams!

Here are my workouts. I did go over my calories by having some trail mix at 8.30pm last night as my last snack. I went to bed at 10pm. I took the Zumba class, thinking I may get certified, and burned a WHOPPING 1026 calories yesterday! No wonder I was starving, thats just crazy calorie deficit! (especially for my off day sheesh T)

Yesterday and Last nights workouts:
30 Minute incline walk at lunch
30 Minute Kickboxing class - I taught
60 Minute Zumba class at the gym - Tried this to see if I want to get certified???
TOTAL CAL BURN = 1026 (is that nuts or what?)

30 min Kickboxing class 1 min intervals:
Alternating jabs R & L
Alternating kicks - front/back
Low hold toe touches
Jumping jacks
Alternating side pulls
Jumping speed bag
Jumping jacks
Walking pushups = 10
Scissor jacks
Plank hold to modified pushup = 10
Wall squats = 2 min iterval raises
Bicycle crunches
Cat to cow
Childs pose

This mornings workout:
30 Day Shred Level 1
3-2-1 (3 min strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min core)

Mood - Bring it JM!
Wt - 121
Time of workout = 25 Min
Cals burned = ?

Warm up:
Hip circles
Knee circles

Pushups - 15
Bent over rows - 15lb
Reg bent knee crunches

Jump jacks
Jump rope
Jump jacks

Back lunge w/bicep curl - 10lb
Arm punches
Bent knee oblique crunches

Glute kicks
Jump jacks
Glute kicks

Laying chest flys - 10lb
Side lunge w/shoulder raise - 5lb
Jumping jacks

Butt kicks
Jump rope
Arm punches
Side obliques

Cool down;
Wide leg stretch
Quad stretch


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  1. Thank you so much for this blog post T! Your right, gotta give it 90 days. This is something I forget ALOT. I have a problem with stepping on the scale and not seeing results right away. 5 Days in to (P90x and i haven't lost a single pound.

    How did you end up liking Zumba? That's a class I've been meaning to try.

  2. Thanks Jenny!

    I did enjoy the Zumba class and am going to take it again a 2nd time. Not sure yet if I will get certified yet... gotta fall in love with it you know?